7 Makan Places in Causeway Point That Could Be Better Than the Food in JB

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Somehow, I’m pretty sure most Singaporeans (and many Malaysians) know about Causeway Point: as one of the oldest shopping centres in Singapore, and located just beside Woodlands, the recent (okay, not that recent in this digital age) renovation has made it so big, so spacious and so worth-going that it’s now always crowded during peak hours.

And the availability of foods—not including the ones at Woodlands Civic Centre (which is just opposite Causeway Point and houses the iconic library)—has become so wide that it has two food courts: with one selling purely halal food.

With so many choices, here’re the seven best food outlets you ought to be going if you’re there—because, you know, the Causeway is jam so you might as well go Causeway Point (yeah, yeah, I know, the closest MRT to the Causeway is at Kranji and not at Woodlands…)

Boon Lay Power Nasi Lemak

Image: togoparts.com

Bet some of you didn’t know there’s an outlet of this popular nasi lemak stall there, eh? One of the reasons could be that it’s not a restaurant, nor is it located at the top level where all the halal stalls are—it’s hidden in the basement with no seats. It only allows takeaways but still garners a long queue during peak hours.

Having tried both the original one in Boon Lay and this version, I’ve to admit that both taste similar—the only difference is that you’ve got to makan it fast. The chicken wing loses its crispiness relatively fast—especially if you intend to dabao it home to makan.

Unit: #B1-K15

Penang St. Buffet

Image: anythinghalal.com

Level 5 of Causeway Point is a food haven for the rich people: it comprises so many restaurants, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

Penang St. Buffet is one of them, and the key selling point here is this simple word: buffet. You’ll find all kinds of familiar Penang foods, though the price might not be that friendly to your wallet (hey, it’s a buffet, you’re supposed to have your breakfast, lunch and dinner there!). And there’re tons of seafood for you to choose from if you want bang for your buck.

If you’re there, you need to try their durian cendol. Nothing can go wrong with durian. Nothing.

Unit: #05-11/12

Ah Lam’s Abalone Noodles

Image: lamskitchen.com

If you’ve always driven past Race Course Road while on the way to City Square Mall, you’ll have seen the big signage of Ah Lam’s Abalone Noodles, often filled with hungry people. Have you always wanted to try it, but wanted a more convenient location? Well, Causeway Point is your place.

Located in the food court (not the halal one), there’s an outlet of this popular abalone noodles, with cans of abalone neatly placed at the counter to remind you that it’s not fishball noodles. While it can’t match the original one, it sure is worth the money: a bowl is generously served with numerous ingredients and the noodles are just as springy.

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Just note that this outlet just sells the noodles, unlike the main outlet that has several other dishes. Well, if you want other dishes, you try the zi char there (the salted egg chicken rice matches well with the noodles!).

Unit: #04-01/04 (Food Republic)

Salad in Cold Storage

Image: blogmaviews.blogspot.sg

I know what you’re thinking: “SALAD IN COLD STORAGE? YOU SIAO?”

No. Seriously, I’m not putting it in because I run out of makan places to include; this is the hidden gem in Causeway Point.

You see, some Cold Storage sells salad which allows you to customize. First, you choose the greens, then the toppings and finally the dressing. Over in this outlet, the toppings even include hard boiled eggs or Mandarin orange (I kid you not).

I’ve been to other Cold Storage outlets in Singapore and couldn’t find this, so if you’re on a diet and still die-die want some good food in Causeway Point, here’s where you should be.

P.S. Some greens and several toppings tend to run out of stock early. You’ve to be there early to find the full array.

Unit: B1-31/32/33

Empire State

Image: Facebook (Empire State)

This gem isn’t that hidden, but because Swensen’s is just beside it, it’s sort of overshadowed by the giant chain. But despite that, it’s one heck of a gem.

Serving western food, you’re in for a treat if you’re a carnivore: the amount is generous, and I bet you won’t leave the restaurant feeling unsatisfied. If you’ve wanted to have western food and see that Swensen’s has a queue, you know where to go. I’m pretty sure you won’t be disappointed, and you’ll be full. Very full.



Image: weiqi0802.blogspot.sg

Now, this is the real hidden gem.

Level 5 is filled with restaurants, but this restaurant is tucked at the corner, so it’s easy to miss it. But once you find it, treasure it, especially if you’ve the mood for Japanese food. The set meals are reasonably priced, and don’t forget the desserts that are not just filling, but Instagram-worthy as well!

Unit: #05-09

Zi char (Local Delights) in the foodcourt at level 4

Image: foodrepublic.com.sg

Remember earlier, I mentioned that if you want some other dishes to go with your abalone noodles, you should try their zi char? Yeah, this is the zi char I’m talking about.

The food is served fast, yet the quality isn’t compromised by that. Most of the dishes look mouth-watering, and they definitely taste better than they look. As I mentioned earlier, if you’ve only one dish to choose, go for the salted egg chicken rice—not that I’m trying to get into the food fad thingy, but that’s one of the best salted egg dishes I’ve tried in Singapore.

Unit: #04-01/04 (Food Republic)

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