7 Best Foods in Bali That Make The Trip More Than Just About #Instagram


Bali is an island in Indonesia, known for its beaches and coral reefs. It is a popular holiday location for Singaporeans, not only because of its splendid view but also its cheap and good food. Here are 7 foods you must really try in Bali!

Ice cream, Sherbet and Gelato

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Such cooling sweet treats are a must have on a hot day on a tropical day. Be sure to indulge in the icy sweet treats with unique local flavours such as lemongrass and soursop, which will melt away all the heat. 

BBQ Pork Ribs

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Their BBQ pork ribs is definitely a must try, with its meat succulent and tender, and slightly charred on the outside. Furthermore, their meats are all locally produced so quality can be assured!

Bebek Betutu

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This is actually smoked duck marinated in local seasonings and is one of the many variations of local duck dishes. Usually served with rice, sambal and local vegetable side dishes, the meat is lean and off from the bone, which is incredibly delicious.

Babi Guling

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Babi Guling is Balinese suckling pig, one of the most famous local dishes in Bali. Marinated with herbs and spices, it is then roasted, causing its to be crispy on the outside yet soft and tender on the inside. This is no wonder why it is such a popular dish among both locals and tourists.

BBQ Seafood

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What can be better than freshly grilled seafood by the beach? Although we have seafood here in Singapore, Bali’s seafood is super fresh, juicy, cooked just right and affordable as well. You can pick your seafood either ala carte by weight or pick a set meal for 2 to 20 people. Have a seafood dinner while you watch the sunset by the ocean!

Nasi Goreng

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Although Singapore also has Nasi Goreng, there would be a difference in terms of the ingredients and flavour of the dish. Cooked with authentic local spices and served with a sunny side up, it is a popular breakfast choice among the locals.

Sate Lilite

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This is vastly different from the satay we have in Singapore as the meat is wrapped around then skewered around lemongrass or sugarcane. Made from either pork, beef, chicken or seafood, it is sometimes served together with suckling pig and other Balinese dishes.

Trying these foods in Bali allows us to have a better understanding of the local flavours and will also definitely satisfy our tummies!

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