7 shits boys do to impress their crush during primary school, yet never admit to it now!


Last Updated on 2016-05-18 , 4:29 pm

We don’t know about you, but the guys in the office have admitted that we started having crushes on girls as early as P1 where we harassed that poor girl in our class. It seems impossible, when we look back now, because at that time we have no idea what it means to be in a relationship, what it means to have a girlfriend, and what people do when they get married. And no, we didn’t believe in cooties.

Maybe boys are just born to like girls!

Pull hair
Boys will do everything they can just to get the attention of the girl. But as a little boy, there is nothing about them that can actually attract the girls, so they resort to disturbing the girl they like. Pulling hair is one of the favorite, partly because little boys are fascinated by long hair which they don’t have themselves. Even when the girl cries, part of them is happy because she definitely noticed him.

The boy don’t really have anything meaningful to say to the girl, but they just want to talk. So teasing becomes the norm when he opens his mouth. No wonder some of the girls hate the boys.

Doing silly stunts
A boy will become a Kobe Bryant try-hard whenever a certain girl walks past the basketball court.

Steal their pen
When he really runs out of stuff to do, and he’s unhappy that he isn’t getting any attention, he actually resorts to stealing the girls pen. It doesn’t matter if he gets into trouble with the teachers, as long as she knows he exists, all is well.

Keep talking to them
They’ll really just keep talking, even if there is nothing to talk about, and the girl isn’t even listening.

Keep poking them
Just to get the attention, yeah.

Follow them around
Thinking back, we find this really super dumb but, sigh, we gotta admit that we really did follow that girl around where ever she went.