7 Signs That Show You Should Start Cutting These People Out of Your Life

One thing that everyone needs to accept is that change is inevitable. You make friends, you grow up and you grow apart, and you fall in love only to fall out of it in the end—It’s something you can’t escape.

However, you have a choice though when it comes to who stays and who doesn’t in your life and as difficult as it is to admit it, cutting these people of your life is for the best.

We’re talking about people whom you might not even realise are toxic to you. Sometimes, there are days when you need to rely on the signs to help you out.

So, here are 7 signs that you should start cutting certain people of your life.

Image: pixabay.com
Image: pixabay.com

1. You Feel Lonelier When You’re Around Them

I’m sure some of you have experienced this. You have been with the same group of friends for as long as you can remember, then all of a sudden, you just feel like you don’t belong anymore.

It happens especially once everyone starts to go their own way. People change and people do grow apart.

It’s okay to stay acquainted with them but maybe it’s also time for you to go out there and discover the wonders of meeting new people outside of your circle.

Image: pixabay.com
Image: pixabay.com

2. They Have Nothing But Negativity To Give You

If you come across people or have friends who have nothing but discouraging comments and negative vibes to give, you clearly need this person out of your life.

You don’t need that kind of treatment in your life. Being around people as such not only harms your self-esteem but it also brings about negativity in your life.

You deserve people who are supportive of you and nothing less.

3. You’re The Only One Making The Effort

Have you ever felt like you’re the only one making an effort to see your friends and going out of your way to meet them but realise you’re the only one trying to keep the friendship boat afloat?

Well, it’s time you realise the boat is a lost cause so let it sink and save you all the pain.

Sometimes, people like these don’t deserve all the time and love you have to give, so let them go. You are better off with people who are just as loyal and dedicated as you are.

Image: knowyourmeme.com
Image: knowyourmeme.com

4. You Only Do Small Talk With Them

Your conversations have turned revolved only around work and family, nothing more. It’s all just small talk.

Gone are the days when you could talk to them about anything and everything under the stars but nowadays, it’s just mostly about the weather.

They don’t tell you stories and jokes like they used to and you just feel disconnected around them. This could be another sign that the lack of communication and connection

5. They Indulge In Gossip And Encourage You

There’s one thing you should know about people like these (and I hope you are not one of them), is that if they enjoy talking bad about others behind their backs, then chances are they would do the same to you.

Not only are you just listening to something that might not even be true, but you’re also an accomplice in ruining a person’s reputation and that’s really not the way.

Image: pixabay.com
Image: pixabay.com

6. They Only Look For You When They Want Something

Yep. We have one of those friends. Apparently, you’re only needed for something or a favour and after that, it’s back to being strangers again.

Don’t let these kinds of people take advantage of you because friends are not supposed to do that to each other.

If you keep letting yourself get treated like a doormat, you’re going down the road of misery, I tell you.

7. They Pressure You Into Doing Things You Are Not Comfortable With

The people whom care about you and support you as well as accept you for being just you will never pressure you into doing anything that goes against your values or makes you feel uncomfortable.


Those people cannot be considered as friends but toxic people who only enjoy instilling fear and pressure on others.

If you’re experiencing this presently, it’s high time you ditch these kinds of people. You are better off without them!

Featured Image: Lewis Tse Pui Lung / Shutterstock.com 

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