7 things your optician could hide from you that you probably should really know

Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 1:54 pm

Have you ever bought a pair of spectacles that looked and felt great at the shop, but not so much when you wear it home? There could be some things that your optician was hiding from you. Learn what they are so that you’ll be smarter on your next trip to the optical shop.

About the PD Meter
Have you ever experienced dizziness after wearing a new pair of spectacles? The reason behind this is usually because your PD Meter measurement is not accurate. The PD Meter is the distance between both your pupils. An inaccurate measurement means that your eyes cannot focus correctly which results in headaches and dizziness.

How they examine your eye
In the eye examination room, we’re sure that you’ve experienced opticians repeatedly putting on and removing the lenses on you. There are actually three things that they’re testing for: astigmatism, short-sightedness and long-sightedness.

Image: wofollow.com
Image: wofollow.com

What the multi-coating does
It stands for Multiple Layer Coating. Multi-coating the lenses prevents reflection, offers UV protection, offers hard coating and scratch resistance as well as anti-static.

The importance of adjusting your glasses
Everyone has different face shapes and facial features, hence, the need for your spectacles to be adjusted to suit you. A good optician will make multiple adjustments for you so that you;ll feel comfrtable wearing your spectacles.

What the readings on your spectacle frames mean
Ever seen those numbers at the side of your spectacle frame and never understood what they meant? They actually symbolise the dimensions of your spectacles! Each number represents its eye size, bridge size and temple length.

Image: wofollow.com
Image: wofollow.com

Difference between a pair of good spectacles and a pair of bad spectacles
There is no such thing as a perfect pair of spectacles, only one that is suitable for you. Often, the salesperson will try to sell you branded eyewear or those that bring in the most commission. Always go for the pair that you feel the most comfortable wearing.

Putting your eyedrops in the fridge
This will make any eyedrops sting less for you.