7 types of shoes that girls should not wear, if not…


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 1:54 pm

Us girls are spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing a pair of footwear for any outing. Who can blame us, when you have the choice of wearing pumps, sandals, stilettos, sneakers and the list goes on and on. Before you spend your entire paycheck on those gorgeous heels again, read our list here to find out the types of shoes that may do more harm than good for your feet.

Ah, the bane of modern women’s existence, stilettos often elicit groans of pain when worn for prolonged periods. Still, we women choose to wear them for the sake of beauty. Do take note that stilettos are harmful as the pressure of your body weight is borne by the balls of your feet thereby stretching your Achilles tendon.

Platform Wedges
Wedges might be a safer bet than stiletto heels as the pressure on the balls of your feet is more evenly distributed. The main problem with wedges is ankle instability due to the height of the sole. This can lead to sprains if proper care is not shown.

Ballet Flats
Well, if heels are bad for the feet, I’ll just stick with flats then“, this is probably what you are thinking at the moment to save your poor feet. We are here to tell you that not all flat shoes are created equal. Shoes that are too flat do not have sufficient support and cushion, so you run the risk of over-stressing the sole of your feet, causing pain.

Flip-flops give you a sense of freedom and are so easy to wear that sometimes, you feel like you are walking barefoot. The bad news? According to experts, flip-flops are too thin and too flat, providing almost no support to the arch at all. This can lead to foot pain, sprains and tendon problems.

High-heel Booties
Heels of 2 inches and above will start to put the strain on your feet; for every inch you add to the heel, your body weight increases by 25% which is all borne by the balls of your feet. For booties, there is material around the ankle providing extra support and stability. Be careful of bunions and hammertoes forming when you wear this type of shoes.

Thigh-High Boots
All heels have the same issues once they reach more than 2 inches in heel height. As for thigh-high boots, because they wrap around your leg all the way to your thigh, make sure the fabric is not too tight otherwise it can put undue pressure on the nerves.

Pointy-toed shoes
They make look sharp and chic on your feet but in the long run, the damage they do to your feet can be significant. In addition to forcing your feet into an unnatural shape, this fashionable footwear can cause hammertoes and neuroma, where the nerves are inflamed between the toes.

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