7 Ways to Stop Yourself from Drooling When You Sleep


Last Updated on 2022-07-27 , 6:58 pm

We complain about serial snorers, but sometimes we forget that some of us are just as irritating and embarrassing.

Some of us end up drooling rather heavily when we sleep, and it’s not because we’re dreaming of food. Even if people rarely catch droolers in their embarrassing state, it’s not pleasant to wake up to a wet pillow.

So, what should you do so that you won’t be caught as a serial drooler during a staycation? Here’re seven ways.

You’re welcome.

1. Sleep on your back

You might have heard this one plenty of times already, but that’s because it genuinely works. Lying on your back means whatever drool accumulates in your mouth actually stays there, which is great for avoiding endless waterfalls from sprouting when you sleep. And don’t worry, you won’t choke if you sleep this way. Everyone’s been doing that for, like, forever.

2. Prop your head up

Another easy method is to sleep in a more upright manner. You could fluff up your pillow and make it stand against the board at the end of the bed in order to settle your head there more comfortably. If you’re alright with such a posture, you could even sleep in an almost sitting way.

3. Use your nose to breathe

Yes, we all use our nose to breath at some point, but what we mean is to consciously use your nose instead of your mouth while you’re sleeping. Sometimes we’re used to sleeping with our mouths open, thinking it’s necessary, but our noses are the main thing helping us breathe. With a bit of practice, you can learn to close your mouth while asleep.

4. Clear your nasal sinuses

Maybe you don’t breathe through your nose because you can’t? In that case, clear up your sinuses so that air can pass through freely. Tiger Balm is commonly used to unblock sinuses with its sharp yet soothing scent. A hot shower also does the trick as well, and you’ll be feeling refreshed after one as well!

5. Check your medications to see if they cause excess saliva production

If your excess drooling occurs only at particular times, it might be linked to how often you take your medicine. Excess saliva can be a symptom of some types but might go unnoticed. You might want to check with your doctor, or maybe your medicine labels, and if your medication is indeed the cause, and perhaps the drooling will stop when you’re off it.

6. Treat possible sleep apnea

Sleep apnea is a condition that causes your breathing to become shallow and thin during sleep. A checkup can determine whether you have it, and you can thus proceed towards treatment if you pass the test. Nasal sprays and saline solutions are some of the ways to treat sleep apnea.

7. Lose weight

It all boils down to this, doesn’t it? Apparently being overweight increases your chances of getting sleep apnea, which leads to more drool when you’re asleep. If you’re not convinced, at least think about how a thicker neck will make breathing harder.

Featured Image: John T Takai / Shutterstock.com