7 Weirdest Names Couples Call Each Other That Makes Us Cringe


Last Updated on 2023-06-16 , 12:57 pm

Cringe Couple Names: Delving into the Weird Call Sign for Couples

Are you part of the numerous couples around who have decided that calling each other by actual names is too conventional? The given names are reserved for formal introductions, discussions with parents, or common friends. For the rest of the time, you are either the ‘boyfriend’ or ‘girlfriend’.

Exploring Cringe Nicknames and Weird Call Signs

What’s interesting, however, is the tendency to invent nicknames. You find yourself hurling names like ‘stupid’, ‘useless’, or ‘irritating’ when arguments ensue, while resorting to ‘dear’, ‘b’, or ‘honey’ when the lovey-dovey mood hits.

But do you ever feel like your relationship is becoming as predictable as the ebb and flow of tides, prompting a need for a dash of excitement? Changing the way you address each other could be the key to rekindling the fire. Here are seven adorable, albeit cringe names to call your boyfriend or girlfriend, aimed at restoring the honeymoon phase excitement.

The Most Cringey Couple Names


Yes, you read that right. ‘Schmoopy’ is indeed a real term. As per Urban Dictionary, it stands for “A disgustingly cute nickname for one’s significant other.” Apart from defining the other six names in this list, ‘Schmoopy’ could also be a standalone nickname. Variations like ‘schmoopy poo’, ‘my sweet little schmoop schmoop’, and ‘my little schmoopy pie’ only add to the charm or, should we say, the cringe!

Sugar Cakes Honeybuns

Show your partner how unbearably sweet they are by amplifying the sugar quotient in their pet name. The cringey couple names ‘sugar cakes’ and ‘honey buns’ are perfect for this purpose. But why stop at one when you can merge the two for a more pronounced effect? Try calling your partner ‘sugarcakeshoneybuns’ for an extra serving of sweetness!

Sweet Cheeks

While ‘Sweet Cheeks’ sounds endearing, remember, it may incite a chuckle or two due to its dual meaning. Wink, wink!


Lava Cakes

The appeal of this nickname can be better comprehended after watching this video:


Cutie Patootie

This cringe couple nickname is not an inventive fluke. It’s a legit term that Urban Dictionary acknowledges. Unleash ‘cutie patootie’ on your partner to communicate that they’re so endearing that the word ‘cute’ had to be transformed into something even cuter.

Cuddle Muffin

‘Cuddle Muffin’ is one of those cringey couple nicknames that either show the extreme sweetness of your partner or your deep love for muffins. Or maybe both?

Dearest Little Poo Poo

Although this cringe couple nickname may raise a few eyebrows, its cringy cuteness cannot be denied. Some terms of endearment just have a way of finding their way into our hearts, don’t they?

Embarking on this journey of creating weird call signs for couples can be as thrilling as it is amusing. So go ahead, dip your toes into the pool of cringe couple nicknames and watch your relationship dynamics take a fascinating turn.

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