73-YO Elderly Injured by Rice Pack That Fell on Her in NTUC FairPrice; FairPrice Has Since Responded

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Danger is ubiquitous; it also has a penchant for appearing when you least expect it.

This isn’t an understatement. Take this elderly woman who was attacked by a dog, for example – we hope the disappeared owner has since resurfaced to take responsibility for the incident.

Even when carrying out an activity as mundane as grocery shopping, troubles can find a way to land on you.

Yet another elderly woman was recently injured at an NTUC FairPrice outlet when a rice pack fell and hit her face.

Hit by Falling Rice Packets

The victim, Shirley Chua, went to Changi City Point NTUC Fairprice on 21 September at around 6.55pm.

She was looking to get a few items, including a small pack of rice.

The rice packets – weighing 2.5kg – are propped up against one another on a rack. Due to the height of the shelf, the 73-year-old struggled to reach the item.

Image: Facebook (Shirley Chua)

When she did, three packets fell off the shelf and to the floor. One hit her face in the process, inducing a sharp pain.

To prevent bruising and swelling, the 73-year-old rubbed the injured spot while keeping her mask on. She proceeded to check out and had to rush home with her dinner.

In the car, she used her mobile camera to inspect the damage. The accident resulted in minor external bleeding and a 2-cm cut on her face.

Image: Facebook (Shirley Chua)

Took to Social Media in Hopes of Inciting Action

Concerned for future buyers, the elderly returned to the NTUC outlet to complain of the item placement the next day.

However, during her following visits, she saw no changes to the arrangement. When asked, the outlet’s staffs responded that it was the supplier’s responsibility to organize the rice packets.

Image: Facebook (Shirley Chua)

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“I told them not to put the rice like that in case it fell on other people, but did not see any changes even after several visits following the incident,” Ms Chua told Stomp.

Stating that the branch has no manager, she published a Facebook post on 13 October in hopes of bringing the issue to the attention of the supermarket chain.

Early September I went to Changi City Point NTUC to buy few things. When I go to take a packet of rice. U can see the…

Posted by Shirley Chua on Tuesday, 13 October 2020

NTUC FairPrice Responded

In response to a Stomp query, a FairPrice spokesman said that they had contacted the customer in regards to the matter.

“We have also explained to her that the small quantity of rice packets are placed in the manner she described to allow easier access for customers.”

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“Stacking the rice packets – one on top of another – would make it difficult to reach since this is on a higher shelf,” explained the spokesperson. “We have also advised her to approach our staff should she need help to obtain any products that may be beyond her reach.”

“Nonetheless, we have noted her feedback and we will review how the product is placed. Customer safety remains a priority at our stores and we urge customers to approach our staff if they require any assistance.”


In other words, if you can’t reach the item, seek help instead.