Dog Owner MIA After Dog Bit Elderly; Victim Now Appealing for Owner to Come Forward

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There’s the type of people who knocks a car’s side mirror off and, despite not knowing where the owner is, takes responsibility by leaving a note with his phone number.

And then there’s the type who disappears after her pet dog unintentionally injures an elderly.

Seriously: an elderly woman was bitten by a dog, whose owner is now ghosting her.

Elderly Bit by a Dog on the Way Home

The victim is a regular at a pool near her house. She goes for a swim by foot every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning.

On 25 Sept at about 7am, the 66-year-old was walking home after her swim when she passed by Block 501 along Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5.

There she saw a woman walking a grey dog, which appeared to be a grey schnauzer.

Here’s how a schnauzer looks like:

Image: Wikipedia

“The owner was walking and looking at her phone while the dog looked around like it was looking for a spot to relieve itself,” she told Lianhe Wanbao.

Out of the blue, the canine attacked and bit into her right arm. Startled, the owner pulled at the dog, which resulted in more tearing.

“The woman was shocked and quickly pulled the dog away forcefully. When she did that, I cried from the pain.”

The owner, who looked to be in her thirties, promptly called an ambulance for her. But, the elderly woman decided to visit a nearby clinic instead, as she was eager to go home and didn’t want to be admitted to the hospital.

Nevertheless, the clinic’s general practitioner advised a visit to the hospital. She was eventually warded for a night at Tan Tock Seng Hospital.

Medical Bill Costs More Than S$2,000

So far, the accident has managed to rack up a medical bill of more than S$2,000.

Though it was covered by subsidies and MediSave, the retiree worries of additional bills to come, as she may need surgeries for the wound.

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Apparently, she is also suffering from bone fractures.

Unfortunately, it appears the owner isn’t ready to own up to the responsibility. She left after placing the call for an ambulance, and proceeded to ignore the elderly’s calls and messages after that.

Apart from the costs, the elderly is also plagued by the inconvenience of the injury. As it turns out, she is the main caregiver of her husband, who was diagnosed with Stage Four lung cancer in July and has only about four months left to live.

The elderly now has to seek help from her friends in order to prepare food.

“I tried to use my left hand to cook pumpkin and pork porridge for him; I’m trying my best to use my left hand when I take care of him. What else can I do?”

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Please Show Up

It’s really sad to learn of the complications the elderly is facing.

Though we do not know the reasons behind the dog owner’s disappearance, we hope she responds soon. Just man up lah and don’t be a strawberry who ghosts people.


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