77YO Elderly Rushed to Neighbour’s Burning HDB Flat to Help Them Despite Having Asthma


Do superheroes exist in our world?

A super-soldier with an indestructible shield? A genius billionaire in a high-tech suit? A literal god of thunder?

Superheroes certainly do exist, but sometimes they exist in the form of a 77-year-old asthmatic granny.

Fire Broke Out In Neighbour’s Flat

On 3 August 2020, as 77-year-old Mdm Chen was chilling at home and watching TV, her super senses picked up an unusual smell.

When she went to her kitchen window to check out the situation, she noticed heavy smoking emitting from the unit below hers.

Another neighbour from an opposite flat yelled to her, claiming that her neighbour’s house downstairs was on fire, confirming her suspicions.

As any superhero would do when they see a fire, she sprung into action.


Captain Ah Ma To The Rescue

She then swung from her webs into the house below quickly made her way out of her home and down the staircase.

That itself was an arduous task due to her age and physical condition, as she had to lead on the handrail while descending as fast as she could.

Motivated by her desire for the safety of her neighbour, she pressed on and trotted quickly to the neighbour’s flat.

Fortunately, her neighbour and her son had already made it out of the flat to safety, alongside the prompt arrival of police and SCDF personnel to handle the evacuation and the fire itself, which was reported to have been caused by a washing machine.

Undeterred by Asthma

As if her age wasn’t enough of an obstacle, Mdm Chen was also plagued by asthma and had only recently suffered an attack.

In fact, she was fresh out of the hospital when the incident occurred. Captain Ah Ma truly takes no breaks when it comes to saving people.

When being praised as a hero, she humbly claimed: “I’m not a hero, I’m simply doing what I should have done.”

Image: Tenor

Spoken like a true hero.

She also added that neighbours should always watch out for and help one another.

Ah, if only more people would follow such philosophies and morals in life, the world would be a merrier place. We all have something to learn from Captain Ah Ma.

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