Everything About 7th Month Offerings Simplified for You


Last Updated on 2022-07-28 , 6:07 pm

Touted as the creepiest month in the Lunar calendar, and the Hungry Ghost Month is also known as 7th month or Zhong Yuan Jie as well.

During this time of the month, the gates of both Heaven and Hell open.

Ghostly spirits are released and allowed to roam on Earth.

Way back during ancient times, the 7th month is a festival which Taoists and Buddhists provide offerings to the deceased.

But in this day and age, anyone who doesn’t want to be harassed by the hao xiong di (a Chinese term to describe the spirits in a friendly and cordial manner) can burn offerings to make peace with them.

As we all know, the pandemic has kind of wrecked havoc in all aspects of our lives, 7th month included.

This year, things are rather different if you would like to make offerings for your ancestors. Here’s the lowdown:


Those glittery costumes with great-sounding Hokkien songs performed by Getai thespians? That’s the Getai Singaporeans know and are proud of.

Even Royston Tan loves it so much that he made a movie out of it.

These performances are a source of entertainment for the deceased, and usually, the first few rows are left empty for them to sit and enjoy the music.

Paper and Incense offerings

Those tall and dark coloured metal bins you see around your block? They are meant to be used for burning offerings to the deceased during 7th month.

These spots are especially bright at night as people also light candles around the bin.

Depending on your ancestors’ likes and dislikes, all sorts of offerings can be burnt.

Traditional ones include kim zua (paper offerings), incense, paper money etc.

The more interesting offerings are iPad and the latest smartphone model.


These offerings are burnt so that the deceased will be able to receive them back in their world, allowing them to share in the joy of Candy Crush.

Note of caution: Do not kick or step on these offerings if you are passing by.

Urban legend has it that the deceased might follow you home thereafter. If you do step on these offerings unknowingly, apologise before walking away.

For those who are still wary about heading out to make your offerings purchases, there are online shops which sell all you need for the 7th month.

Just one click and they will be delivered to your doorstep. Some of these e-shops include Kimzua and Po-pi.


If you prefer your offerings to be more authentic to show your sincerity, check out Yew Chye Religious Goods Trading where the owner Mr Lai makes everything by hand.

Now that the 7th month is here, our senses are gonna be heightened.

Try not to jump at every sound you hear, and avoid watching horror films to scare yourself unnecessarily (unless you like such scare-fest films, then that’s another story entirely).

To know more about the taboos during the Hungry Ghost Month, check out this video (please also subscribe to our YouTube channel!):

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