8 awesome NSman deals happening this SAF 51 that makes you feel, “Heng we serve NS ah!”

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Okay, National Service is a pretty touchy subject in Singapore, with most guys thinking it more of a hassle than anything else.

Of course, we have a couple of garang soldiers who are proud to serve NS, a couple of rationale guys who knows that while they dislike the experience, they lan lan suck thumb have to serve so might as well do it, and those who buay tahan and chao keng throughout their whole two years.

However, never let it be said that you don’t get semi-rewarded for serving your country. Every year on the 1st of July is SAF day, and all of us NSmen and NSFs alike look forward to this day because that’s when awesome deals for us take place, right?

Here are 8 awesome SAF deals taking place this year 1st July that you cannot miss, because really, when else can you feel the appreciation and love from Ah Gong, right?

1-for-1 pass to USS, SEA and Adventure Cove

shutterstock_254890099Image: Hatchapong Palurtchaivong / Shutterstock.com

We’re not kidding you. 1-for-1 pass to the hottest attractions in Singapore, what else can you ask for, right? Especially when you take into account the fact that a ticket to USS can easily cost over $60. And it’s not just USS, you can get 1-for-1 deals into Adventure Cove and SEA  Aquarium as well.

Here’s what you got to know: Valid to all servicemen from SAF, SPF and SCDF, all you got to do is to flash your 11B during on-site purchase for visits on 26 Jun to 1 July 2016. Up to 6 tickets can be purchased in one transaction and 11B has to be flashed again upon entry.

1-for-1 Donburi @ Sakae Sushi

Image: hungrygowhere.com
Image: hungrygowhere.com

Do you like Sakae Sushi? Well, here’s a reason to like it even more! You can now enjoy a buy-one-get-one-free Donburi at all Sakae Sushi outlets except kiosks. Simply flash your 11B when you purchase and you’re eligible for the promotion. While stocks last and only limited to one redemption per transaction, yeah?

1-for-1 Chicken Katsu Curry Ramen at Hei Sushi

Image: heisushi.com
Image: heisushi.com

Donburi not your cup of tea? How about some piping hot ramen at half the price then? Same thing: simply flash your 11B when you purchase and you’re eligible for the promotion. While stocks last and only limited to one redemption per transaction, yeah?

1-for-1 FlowRider @ Wave House Sentosa

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Image: store.sentosa.com.sg
Image: store.sentosa.com.sg

Fancy yourself a bit of a surfer but think it’s too expensive in Singapore? Here’s your chance to try something new without hurting your wallet! Valid from 1 July to 9 August 2016. 

$5 beer all day @ Nouvelle Fusion Kitchen and Bar

Image: scape.sg
Image: scape.sg

Miss those days where you can get $1 tiger beer from the mess or the mess you made after each unit cohesion party? Well, it’s not $1 and it’s only limited to 1 per 11B holder, but hey, $5 beer still sound pretty good, no? This is only valid for dine-in at Nouvelle Fusion Kitchen & Bar.

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Free WHOPPER burger-say what?

Image: bq.sg
Image: bq.sg


That’s right, free burgers. For those who only like cookhouse food because it’s free, now you can get something even better at the same price—free! Burger King is giving away 51 free WHOPPER burgers on 1 July 2016 at all participating stores. So get there before it’s all given away! What better way than to reveille @ 0515, fall in @ 0530, right? Ah. Memories.

Free ice-cream topping @ KOI
For fans of KOI and their ice-cream milk tea, here’s what you can do: order a normal milk tea and ask for free ice-cream, or order ice-cream milk tea and ask for more ice-cream. Either way, it works out fine.

20% off fuel @ SPC

Image: spc.com.sg
Image: spc.com.sg

And this is probably what most NSmen are looking forward to. From 30 June to July 4, you get 20% off your petrol when you pump at SPC petrol stations. Terms and conditions apply.