8 Bad Hair Habits That Cause You To Lose Hair, Yet You Still Do ’Em

Last Updated on 2022-05-18 , 3:33 pm

Today, we’re going to talk about something all of us do (or do not do) every day: Our hair.

Our hair is most probably the crowning “glory” for most of us, and unlike our looks and body shape, which take more time to correct, our hair is something easier to get right.

Or is it?

Here are 8 “innocent” actions we do that harm our hair, yet we still do them every day.

1. Washing your hair several times a day

I get you, I really do. Especially in a country like Singapore, an itchy scalp is something that happens to nearly all of us. Some wash their hair once a day, but some, like me, wash their hair every single time they step into the shower.

Which isn’t good.

Over-washing your hair will lead to stripping it of natural oils, which keep it sleek and shiny.

Now I know why my mane is so bushy and dry, like a pert squirrel’s tail. Don’t be like me.

2. Using conditioner on your scalp

Okay, this might seem counterintuitive, but this is for those who just started using hair conditioners.

When people first started using hair conditioners, they typically used them like they used shampoos. Rinse the shampoo off, rub the conditioner into the hair and scalp, and let it sit.

Unless what you’re using is a special scalp conditioner, what you’re doing is not good for the scalp.

Not to mention, it’s a waste of good conditioner too, which can be quite expensive.

3. Using too much shampoo

Singaporeans are pretty kiasu, right? How many times do you press the pump of your shampoo bottle?

Keep it small (around the size of a 50-cent coin)—Your wallet and scalp will thank you for it.

4. Brushing your hair when it’s wet

Do you do the same thing? I mean, when it’s wet, you may think it’s easier to run a comb through your hair smoothly.

Wrong. That’s a fallacy: What’s actually going on is that your hair and scalp are weaker when wet, so you’re more prone to hair breakage and scalp irritation. Eeks.

Either wait for it to dry before combing, or just brush the tangles out before showering.

5. Your tool is too hot for you

We all want to be hot but okay, I’m joking.

Given how fast-paced our lives are, you’re probably thinking that starting your blow-dryer, for instance, at a higher temperature gets everything done more quickly.

True. But this also means your hair falls off more quickly, and you end up frying your hair and scalp. No, just no.

6. You didn’t use a heat protectant

If you’ve been using curlers or other hot tools on your hair without applying this beforehand, it’s akin to frying your hair deliberately.

See point 5. Say what?!

7. Too many chemical treatments

Like they say, too much of a good thing isn’t that great.

The chemicals in hair dyes and perms aren’t as harmless as you think, and too many chemical treatments like colouring, perming and/or rebonding would just damage and break your hair, period.

8. You ignore the signs till it’s too late

And this is probably the most important thing that does all of us in.

We have this amazing ability to not see what we don’t want to see, so start paying serious attention if you notice (even at the back of your mind) a receding hairline, thinning hair, persistent dandruff or an itchy, oily scalp.

Instead, go for a complimentary hair and scalp scan and analysis from a renowned hair treatment centre. If you address your hair problem(s) early, you can rest assured that the cost to you will be minimal.

This article was written in collaboration with Yun Nam Hair Care.

Featured Image: GBALLGIGGSPHOTO / Shutterstock.com