8 Differences Between S’pore Kor Kor BF & Korean Oppa BF

The last time I checked, Singaporean girls are pretty dubious of their male counterparts.

“They’re not romantic at all…” they think to themselves.

“They just want one thing… my sandwich.”

“I’m sick and tired of Singaporean guys…” they cry. “GIVE ME MY KOREAN OPPA!”

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But here’s the thing: what exactly constitutes the difference between your average Singaporean ‘Kor Kor’ boyfriend, and those dreamy, impossibly good-looking Korean ‘Oppa’ boyfriends? What is it that makes Korean Oppas so appealing, and Singaporean guys so… ‘unappealing’?

Well… let’s find out.

1. We love our ol’ Kopi-O Kosong

In Korean dramas, Oppas share a number of common similarities, one of which happens to be…

A thing for wine.

Image: Tenor
Image: Gfycat

And considering how wine’s an expensive commodity associated with class, it’s only natural that girls would go gaga over their wine-loving Oppas.

But what about our own Singaporean guys? Well, as a Singaporean guy myself, I can personally attest to one thing:

We do drink wine, but we drink Kopi-O Kosong much more often.

Image: Dayre

Or Carlsberg, but I don’t think chicks dig that (too).

2. Romantic proposal? Eee so ghay

In Korean dramas, Oppas like to propose in really grandstanding ways.

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Image: PInterest

And that doesn’t really flatter the Singaporean way, considering our most common proposal method (as vouched for by an unnamed colleague) happens to be that of just five syllables.

“Wanna BTO?”

And more often than not the words are said in the most casual of settings too, like your routine coffee shop downstairs. But well, coffee shops are pretty romantic too. 🙂

3. We do keep fit, just not 365 days a year

You don’t even have to watch Descendants of the Sun to know one thing:

Korean Oppas are mcm fit 24/7, 365 days a year.

Image: Tenor

Which makes sense, considering how they have to 靠脸吃饭 (depend on their looks for a likelihood).

Image: Giphy

“What about our own local guys?” Singaporean girls ask curiously. Well… we do stay fit…

But it’s only for 31 days a year.

Men running for IPPT. Image: Men’s Health Singapore

Yeah, the only reason why we would keep fit. RT? NO THANKS.

4. We don’t exactly have photographic memories

In Korean dramas, Oppas tend to possess photographic memories. After all, they can somehow remember every single algorithm in the universe plus…

  • Your birthday
  • Your mum’s birthday
  • Your dog’s birthday
  • Your passcode
  • The time you go to the toilet
Image: WiffleGif

And on the other hand, Singaporean guys have difficulty remembering their own Singpass passwords.

Image: My Thinking Out Loud

But to be fair, we do remember our girlfriends’ birthdays. Not because we’ve expressed our undying love for them (I really love you prettygirl99), but because of that annoying F icon.

Image: Youtube

5. We’ll take Grab over Piggyback rides, anytime, anyday

To illustrate this point in proper fashion, I shall proceed to draft up a scenario between a couple.

Your girlfriend’s tired. Ankles sore and aching from having worn heels all day, she’s clearly out of sorts, and only accompanying you because you love her so much.

You: Are you alright?

Her: Yeah.

But you knew better. Those heels that you bought for her were evidently a size too small, but she’s persisting because it’s something you gave. Stepping back for a look, you can see that the back of her feet is red and gooey.

At this point, you come to a standstill decision, where you’re forced to pick between your Korean Oppa side, and your typical Singaporean guy side.


Without another word, without even asking for her permission, you sweep her off her feet with a well-timed (well-aimed) roundhouse kick and she falls onto your back.

Image: Disqus

Her: …!

You: Save your energy for later, Princess. We’ve got a long walk ahead.


Without another word, without even asking for her permission, you take her phone and open the Grab app. As she stares at you, you book a ride using her credit card and pass the phone back to her.

Her: …!.

You: Save your energy for later, Princess. You’ve got a long ride ahead.

6. We prefer not to stink up the house with our cooking

Korean Oppas are often depicted as every girl’s dream guy:

Impossibly good-looking, loyal, gentle, successful, cultured… you name it, they have it.

And indeed, they’re so established that they reign even in the kitchen, a domain girls have always been more likely to dominate.

Possessing unbelievable cooking skills, these Oppas surprise you after a hard day of work with a Michelin-star level homecooked meal.

Image: PInterest

You: Omo; have you considered working as a professional chef?

Him: No, and I don’t need to. You’re my number-one customer.

But while Korean Oppas make girls squeal with such ‘Gordon Ramsay’ delight, Singapore Kor Kors are less flashy and more conventional. To be fair, like Korean Oppas, they surprise you after a hard day of work with cooked food on the table. Unlike Korean Oppas, however…

You: Omo; have you considered working as a professional chef?

Him: No. And you do know that I didn’t cook that egg right? I ordered it off Deliveroo.

7. A romantic date? Sleeping at home sounds like a GOOD idea

In Korean dramas, date spots are never plain.

Abandoned warehouses? Check.

Fancy gala premieres? Check.

A spaceship? Check.

And indeed, these elusive Oppas seem to pride themselves on their sheer romanticism, with every date attaining an ever-increasing level of scenic excellence.

Image: Klook

“What about our own Ah Tans and Ah Kows?” you wonder. Well, let’s just say that instead of ever-changing dating spots, Singaporean guys like it more constant.

Like sleeping at home, for example.

“What, it’s so hot!” Ah Kow reasons. “At home can blow air-con and blow everything. Of course stay home and sleep la!”

And to be fair, with how hot Singapore is that makes a lot of sense.

8. Our secrets run pretty deep too

If you’ve watched (or even heard of ) the most mainstream Korean dramas in recent years, you would know one thing:

Korean Oppas have some cool secret identity/ability/power.

For example, Goblin’s main Oppas are equipped with some supernatural (as well as supermodel) schticks.

And while Captain Yoo Si-Jin might look like your routine handsome Oppa, he’s actually a handsome, combative Oppa.

Image: Soompi Forums

Meanwhile, Singaporean guys have a deep, deep secret as well.

We cry while watching Korean dramas.

Don’t judge okay? Train to Busan‘s ending was SAD AF.

But hey, ladies…

Before you jump ship to Korea, do remember that in the end, Korean Oppas are just works of fiction.

They’re not real.

Granted, there might be real life personnel who strive to become living Korean Oppas (like our resident star Boonz), but let’s face it; what’re the chances?

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So what’re you waiting for?

If you can’t get an Oppa, the least you can get (and deserve) is an Oppa Package, so remember to tune in on the respective dates! Plus, with your favourite romantic K-dramas like Goblin, She Was Pretty and Princess Hours due to stream on the channel, your weekend binge-watching sessions will surely be satisfying!

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And to add on, remember, ladies.

While Korean Oppas might seem impeccably awesome, I dare say only Singapore Kor Kors will buy you roti prata in the morning after you wake up.

So let’s appreciate our sinkie guys/ uncles, because in the end, they’re what makes Singapore Singapore.
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This article was first published on goodyfeed.com and written in collaboration with OhK TV Asia.

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