8 effective ways to kill those annoying damn mosquitoes that are lurking in your room

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Recently the weather is really hot and humid, with the occasional rain that serves to make the entire Singapore even more humid. Under such conditions, it is easy to get mosquitoes in the house. Let us share with you some tips on how to kill those annoying mosquitoes from harming us.

Using sugared water or expired beer
Mix large amount of sugar with water to create really sugary water and put it into an empty bottle. Place the bottle in a dimly lit area. This will attract the mosquitoes and they will dive head in. All you get the next day will be dead mosquitos. Repeat this day after day for the best effects. A bottle of expired beer will do the trick too but that might be a tad more expensive on your wallet.

Boil some vinegar and place it on a plate. Put it in your bedroom before you sleep and keep your room door open. You will be sure that no mosquitoes will disturb your sleep at all. However, please do not use this if you are sleeping in an air-conditioned room as the smell of the vinegar will keep you up all night instead.

Avoid shady areas during mosquito’s active time
Mosquitoes are the most active during certain times of the day: 7 am to 9 am in the morning and 4 pm to dusk in the evening. Avoid shady areas and places with a lot of trees during these timings and you will most likely be able to reduce the chance of getting bitten.

Burning citrus peels
Burn some citrus peels in the house to chase away mosquitoes as they are afraid of the citrus smell. The smell will also help to refresh and take away unpleasant smell in the house. If you don’t have citrus peels lying around, you can use citrus aromatherapy oil, natural herbs and flowers to produce a citrus smelling environment in the house too.

Making use of laundry soap
Before you go to bed at night, close all the doors and windows. Put a pail of water mixed with laundry soap in front of the window. You will find dead mosquitoes in the pail the next morning.

Insect repellent / mosquitoes repellent
When you visit places that are known to have lots of mosquitoes, be sure to wear long sleeves tops and long pants to cover up most of your body. Leave as little exposed skin as possible. Apply repellent at exposed areas generously and if possible, wear a citrus smell patch to keep the mosquitoes at bay. As a bonus, you’ll feel refreshed as well!

Rid the house of stagnant water
Always ensure that you get rid of all stagnant water around the house every 3 to 5 days to make sure that your house is not the favourite breeding grounds for mosquitoes. So do the mozzie wipeout dilligently.

Medicated oil
If the problem persist, you can consider placing a few bottles of medicated oil around the room that you are active in. The smell of spicy medicated oil is said to drive mosquitoes away from the immediate area as well.

We hope that these 8 methods will help you deal with the mosquitoes better. It is better to be safe than sorry, especially when dengue is becoming more rampant in Singapore. Not to mention the Zika virus.

Top Image: nechaevkon / Shutterstock.com

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