8 Facts About The New Century Square That’s Set to Open in June 2018


Dear Tampines residents,

I hope you’re not having a bad day because bad days generally suck. But if you are for some accursed, goddamn reason, don’t feel so down.

If you think about it, children are starving to death in Africa, so you’re still pretty well off even if you got bird shit in your hair and poop in your pants.

But if you’re still feeling pretty shitty, here’s some good news for you:

Apparently, your beloved Century Square Mall is all set to make a comeback, complete with new shops and attractions, as soon as June 2018!

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Granted it has only been 9 months, but I’m sure the beautiful pregnant mothers of old and present would know just how excruciating that wait has been.

So what’s new? What’s hyped?

Well, guess you just gotta read on to find out more.


1. Re-opening date

Having been closed for nine months to undergo a $60 million facelift, Century Square Mall’s all set to reopen on 6 June according to a statement by its operator, AsiaMalls.

But as the Internet so graciously showed us all these years, a ffaceliftdoesn’t really mean jack shit if it makes you look worse than you were before.

So is it the same case for Century Square? We hope not, or in this case, try to find out more.

2. Eateries

For one, the mall will have 45 eateries, a significant increase from the previously recorded 30.

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Amongst them, newcomers include chicken rice chain Boon Tong Kee’s first outlet in a shopping mall, The Meathouse, a new concept by restaurant chain Eighteen Chefs, Chinese hotpot restaurant Hai Di Lao and a fusion cafe concept by Seoul Garden called Two Hana.

Image: Boon Tong Kee

Now I honestly don’t really give a flying dart about a lot of things, but these got me hooked. Not Hai Di Lao though, because that’s too mainstream. And it offers free manicures. Which I don’t appreciate. Because I’m a guy. A manly guy.

“Sir, a free manicure?”

“Yes, please! I want it to look trimmed and pretty! Thanks!”

Yeah as I was saying… yeah.

3. Return of a home-grown fashion label

Remember home-grown fashion label M)phosis?

Image: Five Stars And a Moon

Once reigning among Singapore’s most successful local fashion brands (with more than 30 outlets in 11 countries at its peak), M)phosis stunned Singaporeans of all ages when it abruptly shut down all its stores in 2015.

Well, guess what? It seems that Century Square isn’t the only comeback king here, as M)phosis is slated to return this June too.

Known for its signature contemporary and clean-cut designs, this is one fashion label to look out for in the official month of Fashion (I actually just made that up. The former part I mean).

Image: Singapore Business Directory – inSing.com

4. New kids on the block

Some other examples of new tenants include Filmgarde, which will be taking over Shaw as Century Square’s local cinema operator, 24-hour gym Gymmboxx and Mahota Market, a new “hybrid dining-grocery model”.

Anyone wants to go for a gymming, movie and dining/shopping marathon? We can call it the MoonDown if you want. And you won’t have to pay a crap ton of money for it too.

5. Families and kids

It seems that Century Square hasn’t forgotten about the whole PG criteria either, as an entire level of the mall has been devoted to families and kids, with childcare centre The Orange Academy and enrichment centre TheLearningLab taking anchor.

Image: SGFind

But kids, don’t freak out just yet, because…

6. Enhanced amenities

That’s right; Century Square will be sporting an all-new facade and interior layout come June!

And that’s not all: the mall will also feature upgraded facilities, enhanced and larger nursing rooms and mobile phone charging stations.

So at the very least, kids, you got a huge ass mall with enhanced features to play catching in. #donttellyourgrandpaisaidthat

Image: GIFER

7. Rebranding

According to Mr Tan Kee Yong, managing director of AsiaMalls Management, the mall has been re-invented with a ‘lifestyle destination’ concept in mind.

“Shoppers of today are not just looking for a convenient stopover to swing by and pick up necessities… we’ve reinvented the mall by creating a lifestyle destination where shoppers would want to hang out with their friends and families while experiencing new brands and concepts.”

Hard to hang out in Century Square Mall every day without things getting old though, but hey it’s the thought that counts. 

8. It’s the third mall within the AsiaMalls’ portfolio to undergo refurbishment

According to AsiaMalls, Tiong Bahru Plaza and White Sands finished their renovations in 2015 and 2016 respectively and witnessed whopping double-digit jumps in foot traffic.

Tiong Bahru Plaza. Image: Commercial Guru

So if there’s a pattern…

This would probably be it.

And I must say I can already foresee it. No, not because Century Square was a popular hangout spot in Tampines (was it?)

But because I’m a certified fortune teller. #justjesting

Anyways, share this post if you’ve got family and friends who live in Tampines.

Because goodness me, they would need something like this to cheer them up if they live there. 😉

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