10 Facts about Century Square’s Upcoming S$60m Upgrade That Even Jurong-ers Should Know

In September this year, Century Square mall in Tampines will be undergoing a S$60m worth major face lift.

Here are 10 facts you should know about the mall, and what the upgrade potentially brings to the table.

1. What’s Century Square?

It’s a 6-storey shopping mall in Tampines that opened in 1995.

Image: TODAYonline.com

Back in 2005, it had undergone expansion and following that it had gone through a minor renovation in 2008.

2. Oldest Mall in Tampines

There is a total of three malls located in Tampines: Tampines Mall, Tampines 1 and Century Square.

The last happens to be the oldest of them all, and perhaps that’s why they have decided to go through such a hefty makeover – in order to compete with its younger and more interesting competitors.

According to TODAY, patrons of the ageing mall have said that the revamp was way ‘overdue’, stating that its offerings are old and can’t even be compared to Tampines 1 and Tampines Mall.

Tenants have also spoken out about how business has slowed down over the years.

Bet you’ve always thought that Tampines Mall is the oldest one there, eh?

3. First E-Library in a mall

There will be a future virtual library installed on the fourth floor, where users will be able to download e-books into their smart phones! This comes after a collaboration with the National Library Board.

No more carrying a bag around because you want to read on the train.

4. New “3D immersive sound technology” in Cinema

Incoming cinema operator Filmgarde will be pushing out a new technology dubbed “3D immersive sound technology”. Details aren’t clear, but the title seems to imply that sound effects would pop out at you realistically, just like 3D.

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There will also be six halls, that can house nearly 1,000 people!

Filmgarde wishes to conduct events too, such as free film workshops.

5. “Shoppable” walls

According to TODAY Online, Mall Manager AsiaMalls Management is considering futuristic, “shoppable” walls where patrons could purchase goods off screens and have the products sent to their doorsteps for a fee!

This might be old-school but I live for the feeling of carrying my purchase out of the shops. That sense of accomplishment is just so satisfying.

Plus, I can only buy what I can carry. So won’t spend so much mah.

6. Live cooking booth

Lifestyle grocer Mahota Market will occupy roughly one-third of the basement and will include a booth where freshly purchased products could be turned into steak and pasta!

The store will also conduct food, product and health tips sessions.

7. There will be Hai Di Lao

Yeah, that really customer-service-oriented hotpot restaurant will be coming to Century Square!

As of now, there will also be 24-hour gym Gymboxx, childcare operator Orange Academy, Eighteen Chefs and enrichment centre The Learning Lab among the new tenants.

But we’re all just interested in Hai Di Lao, aren’t we?

8. Upgraded Facilities and Free Wi-fi

There will be a new Facade cladding and changes to the interior design, as well as new washrooms, bigger nursing rooms and new lifts and escalators. A roof deck will be installed on the fifth floor.

There will also be free Wi-Fi and mobile charging stations. I think this one point is enough to get people to the malls liao.

9. A whopping 218 shop units

The 216,055 square feet mall will have 218 shop units, a whopping 70 percent more than the current 128 – partly because department store BHG is vacating its spot.

Just for comparison’s sake, Tampines Mall has about 160 shops.

10. Estimated completion

According to Channel NewsAsia, the $60m renovation is expected to end sometime in the second half of 2018. A pretty long wait, but hey: it looks like a worthwhile wait, doesn’t it?

Tampines residents, are you excited for the new Century Square? Or are like just ‘meh’ after seeing the potential upgrades, and would rather stick to your favourite Tampines 1 and Tampines Mall?

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