8 Facts About China That Are So Weird You’ll Think We Made Them Up

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Ah, the Chinese. Just when we think they can’t come up with anything weirder, they somehow manage to surprise us.

Here are 8 facts about China that are so bizarre, you’d think we made them up.

Shocking fact: We didn’t. We’re not that creative.

1. Chinese police use geese instead of police dogs.

Image: FOTOGRIN / Shutterstock.com

Apparently, geese have great vision and can be aggressive, making them a great alternative to a police dog.

2. It is possible to restore your virginity in China.

Image: Yuttana Jaowattana / Shutterstock.com

In a disturbing plastic surgery trend, some Chinese women willingly fork out hundreds to have their hymens restored right before their wedding night.

3. “Urine Eggs” are somewhat of a delicacy in China.

Urine eggs are boiled for an entire day in the urine of boys under the age of 10, and get this – the “delicacy” is sold for 1.50 yuan (SGD 0.30).

Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners claim that these eggs have plenty of health benefits, including improved blood circulation. Sounds dubious, if you ask me.

4. Chinese researchers wear panda suits to fool cubs.

Image: lifebuzz

In order to care for panda cubs and reintroduce them to the wild, workers at the Hetaoping Research and Conservation Centre dress up in panda suits to prevent the cubs from feeling threatened.

5. Smartphone addicts have been given their own walking lane.

Image: Washington Post

Instead of a bike lane, texters are given their own lane so as to avoid bumping into normal walking pedestrians. BRB, heading there right now.

6. Chinese babies wear “kaidangku” (“open-crotch pants”) instead of diapers.

Now you know why there’s always articles about Chinese children pooping everywhere. We would love to post an image here but we’re family-friendly, so please use your imagination (or go Google yourself).

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7. Businesses install suicide-proof nets around their buildings.

Image: Buzzhunt

Foxconn, Apple’s main outsourcing partner in China, addressed the rising number of suicide incidents in its employees’ dormitories by installing protective nets on its premises.

8. To train soldiers to keep their chins up, a pin is poked through the collars of their uniforms.

Image: atchuup

Brings a whole new meaning to the expression “no pain, no gain”.