8 Facts About the New Samsung S9 and S9+, the Phone That Can Predict Calories

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few days, you’d know that something happened to Samsung (again) the past few days.

And by that, we mean a leaked video of Samsung’s new phones one day before the official launch.

When you really think about it, it’s pretty strange how new Samsung’s devices are always leaked before official launch dates.

So what does the tagline, A Smartphone Reimagined, really mean? And why is everyone going so crazy over yet another Samsung smartphone?

Here are 8 facts about Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9+ that’ll drive you crazy.

1. The Phone Design is Similar to Galaxy S8

If you’ve watched the leaked video a couple of times, one sentence will stand out to you.

Image: Slashleaks / Youtube

So there you are, thinking, is the smartphone going to be less rectangular? Maybe we’ll see a more efficient design?

For those hoping for a different design for the new flagship models, you’re going to be disappointed.

The S9 series and the S8 series have similar designs.

So similar you’d think they’re the same.

Image: businessinsider.sg

Both phones have curved sides, glass front and backs, and extra tall 18:5:9 screens, similar to the S8.

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S9 (5.8″ screen) and S9+ (6.2″ screen) are the same Super AMOLED panels with 2960 x 1440 pixel resolutions.

So what got reimagined? Here’s where it gets more awesome.

2. For Galaxy S9/S9+, it’s all about the camera.

If you love taking photos, these phones are for you.

Both phones come with 12mp cameras on the back, and 8mp camera on the front.

Image: theverge.com

Samsung S9 and S9+ can mechanically switch between two different apertures, f/1.5 and f/2.4.

For the layman, the aperture is the size of the hole in the camera lens. The lower the number, the bigger the hole so more light can go in.

Depending on how bright the environment is, the camera app is able to seamlessly switch between them for the best picture quality.

If you’re camera-savvy, you can even switch it manually in pro mode.

All in all, Samsung claims that their new camera sensor gives you faster focusing, improved noise reduction and better low-light performance.

And you’re able to record slow-mo videos* at a whopping 960 fps at 720p video quality.

Image: memegenerator.net

That’s better than some DSLR models out there on the market.

*Limited to 20 shots per video with approximately 0.2 seconds of recording and 6 seconds of playback for each shot.

3. Their Front Camera Makes Animated Emoji

Image: androidauthority.com

Apple has their animoji and surprise, surprise, Samsung latest flagship models have animated emojis.

The 8MP front camera will scan your facial features and turn you into an animated emoji and save it in 18 different GIF stickers that make it easy to send in messaging apps.

You can customise your character’s skin tone, clothes and hairstyle among many others.

4. But Their Intelligent Scan unlock option & Animated Emoji Still Lose to iPhone

Now, if you’re very, very particular about using facial recognition and sending emoji of yourself to your friends, then you’re not going to like these phones.

Compared to the iPhone X and 8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ are still lacking.

Samsung’s facial recognition and animated emoji depends on a single front camera and software to map out your face.

Reviewers who tried out the phones reported these features feeling incomplete.

Image: cnet.com

Their fingerprint scanner is, however, shifted to a less awkward position below the back camera.

5. Live Translate within Samsung S9/9+ Native Camera App

What’s the number one problem you’ll meet with when you go overseas?

Unreadable signboards, right?

Image: Slashleaks Youtube

With Samsung S9/9+, that’s not going to be an issue anymore.

Why? Because you can actually translate the words live on your mobile phone screen.

Point the camera at the words, press a button and ta-da! Translated.

Image: Slashleaks Youtube

And that’s not all.

6. Bixby, Samsung Virtual Assistant Able To Count Calories Too

Image: engadget.com

So in Jan 2018, it was reported that Samsung is working on getting Bixby, Samsung’s virtual assistant to look at the food you’re eating and telling you the calories you’re going to take in.

And this function is available in Samsung Galaxy S9 and 9+ as well!

It’s said that the food data will be kept in a profile within the Samsung Health app to help users understand their calories intake.

7. The price of Samsung S9 & S9+ in S’pore

Okay, now that you know all there is to know, here’s the dealbreaker.

How much does it cost?

Image: newsnation.in

The 64GB Galaxy S9+ is going for S$1,348. The 256GB model will be sold at S$1,489.

The Galaxy S9 sells at S$1,198, and unlike the S9+, it only comes in 64GB.

7. Samsung Galaxy S9 will be available in Singapore on 16 Mar 2018


Image: theinquirer.net

So you’re totally hooked on getting your hands on one of these babies for yourself. Then the next logical question is: when is it available for sale in Singapore?

Here’s the good news, it’ll be here in 2 weeks time, give or take a few days. It was reported that the S9 will reach our shores on 16 Mar 2018.

The report also states that pre-orders for the phones will be available at Singtel, M1, Starhub and Samsung’s very own online store from 1 Mar 2018.


The phones come in three different colours: midnight black, coral blue and a new hue, lilac purple.

So who’s looking forward to Samsung Galaxy S9?

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