8 Facts About the Sudden Song-Song Marriage That You Should Know


Today, Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo shocked the world when their agencies announced that they’re getting married. In October this year, in fact.

Here are 8 facts about the sudden Song-Song marriage you should know.

1. They had feelings for each other even before DoTS started airing

I’m pretty sure one factor that contributed to the shock factor is: it’s less than a year! Perfectly understandable since Descendants of The Sun was a 2016 drama.

A close acquaintance of the couple reportedly said that they started having romantic feelings for each other even before the drama (which was pre-produced) aired.

The drama was filmed in the second half of 2015 and that was when the Song-Song Couple started to have romantic feelings for each other. 

2. It wasn’t a shotgun marriage

You might have wondered if this is a shotgun marriage. After all, the couple went from denying all dating rumours to announcing their marriage.

A source of Song Hye-Kyo’s agency said that the actress isn’t pregnant when news of their marriage became headline news.

3. The couple has never really tried to hide their relationship among friends

It’s said that the Song couple never tries to hide their relationship. They told people they trusted first, and if anyone else were to ask, they’ll neither confirm nor deny the allegations.

4. The real reason why the Song couple deny all dating rumours in the media

An alleged source told Soompi that the couple did not want the media to reveal their relationship because they want to be the first ones to break the news to their fans.


5.  Song Hye-Kyo didn’t really want to date a fellow celebrity

Song Hye-kyo did not want to date a celebrity. I guess she wants to find comfort in someone who doesn’t belong to the industry.

However, Song Joong-ki’s sincerity managed to win her over. 

6. The Song Couple spotted in Bali might be true, after all

If you’ve not known, it was rumoured that Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo allegedly spent time together on the tropical island.

A source close to them mentioned that the couple occasionally keeps each other company on their international schedule.

7. If this marriage took place 12 years ago, it could’ve been illegal

Because both Song Joong-Ki and Song Hye-kyo have the same surname, we got curious about the marriage laws in Korea.

Did you know that Korea had a law which prohibits a man and a woman with the same surname from getting married? 


But of course, this is provided both of them belong to the same ancestral house.

Back in 1997, the Constitutional Court of Korea ruled Article 809 of the Korean Civil Code unconstitutional.

In 2002, the National Assembly of South Korea passed an amendment to the law which comes into effect on 31 March 2005.

8. Their agencies lied because “it was a delicate time”

Time and again, the couple and their agencies, UAA and Blossom Entertainment, lied to the media and deny all dating rumours.

In a joint statement released by both agencies, they said that as both stars’ families are meeting each other, it was a delicate situation with many factors.


That was why they did not release news about the couple’s relationship to the public.

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