8 Innocent Signs That Show You’re a Narcissist & It Has Nothing To Do With Looks

Disclaimer: If you’re someone who gets offended easily, you might not want to read this. 😉

Are you, or your friends, a 自恋狂? It’s not just about you always looking into the mirror to check your beautiful looks wherever you go.

Read on to find the 8 signs that show you’re a 自恋狂. If you tick off more than 5, you’re one 😉

1. It’s always about you

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No matter the conversation, you can somehow find a way to turn it back on yourself. For example, you’re a guy and a girl is complaining to you about period pain.

You don’t have periods but that doesn’t mean you got nothing to talk about. You start talking about that time where you got into an accident and how painful it was.

It’s not just talking about yourself, you need to establish yourself as the better man in your stories. Even to the extent of exaggerating your stories.

2. You always want to be better than everyone else

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No matter the situation, no matter the conversation, you want to be the better man. That means giving advice, sometimes even when people doesn’t really want to hear it.

Sometimes, you even put other people down to make yourself look better. Like laughing at their silly mistakes and “teasing them”.

3. You hate waiting for anything

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You dislike queuing. In fact, you dislike the period between your missed call to your girlfriend and her response to you. Some might think of it as impatience, but it could just be your sense of self-entitlement. Your needs must be met. Now.

Because no one’s as important as you. Geddit?

4. You’re ambitious but in the wrong way.

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There’s nothing wrong with being ambitious. In fact, you could say that’s a requirement to be successful in life. But what differentiates a narcissistic person and someone who’s not is the way they think.

An ambitious person will want to aim for the stars and know that he needs to work for it. A narcissistic person is someone who doesn’t work for his goals. Because in his mind, he more than deserves it.

Then they complain about unfair treatment. Oops, #DurianGeneration

5. You charming bugger you 😉

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Some people just like to make others feel good. But how do you tell the difference between a genuinely nice person and someone who’s not?

Genuinely nice people will make you feel good regardless.

Narcissistic people, on the other hand, will drop you faster than you can say sorry if you criticise or question them.

6. It’s never my fault! It’s because…

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This is the most telling sign of a 自恋狂. Whatever happened, whatever went wrong, it’s never their fault. Somehow, someone or something is the cause of their failure.

No matter whether you say it out or not, you’ll rationalise in your mind that this mistake was made not by me, but because [any excuses as long as it’s not you].

7. Everything feels like a huge personal attack

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Sure, you claim you’re simply sensitive but the truth is, narcissistic people cannot take attacks on themselves.

A criticism, no matter how small, will seem like a huge personal attack against you. And you don’t forgive and forget. Oh no, you don’t.

How dare they attack your awesomeness.

You’ll remember it for life and take revenge if there’s a chance.


8. Everything is a zero-sum game

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Narcissistic people are poor negotiators. Similar to #2, you always want to be better than anyone else. And in your mind, there can never be two winners, only one. Win-win situations are not in your dictionary.

How do you tell if you’re narcissistic? If you know someone who recently had a promotion or a pay raise, you find it very hard to be happy for them. The only thing you’ll focus on is, why didn’t this happen to me?

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