8 Innovative Ways You Can Use Your Precious Curry Sauce at Home

Have you gotten your McDonald’s Curry Sauce in a bottle?. Let’s admit it, most of us probably have because it’s McDonald’s curry sauce!

Have you carefully planned out how you’re going to use your precious curry with? Here are 8 innovative ways to use it with and make sure not a single drop is wasted.

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Curry Mee Goreng

We can’t wait to find out how delicious this will be, it already sounds tasty. You can opt for your usual instant noodle or other noodles of your preference, and use the curry sauce to fry the noodles instead of your instant noodle seasoning. Throw in some bacon and eggs and you’re already in heaven.

Curry scrambled eggs

What better way to eat scrambled eggs? Scrambled eggs go well with almost anything, be it the scrambled eggs with mashed potato sauce, scrambled eggs with cheese or simply black pepper. Here’s another way to try your scrambled eggs with, since McDonald’s curry sauce is thick and sweet.

Curry chicken

If you love sweet curry or hate spice, you should cook curry chicken with their curry sauce. However, there’s no actual recipe for that yet so you may want to experiment with the amount of water or sauce to use. Let us know if it tastes good!

Japanese curry rice

You can now enjoy Japanese style sweet and spicy curry rice at the comforts of your own home, without beating the heat to go out or joining the queues at famous Japanese curry rice restaurants.

Curry fried rice

Noodles can be fried with curry, so how about frying curry rice? Soy-based fried rice no longer seems interesting, so try frying it with McDonald’s curry instead.

Japanese Katsu burger with curry

Homemade Katsu burgers sound just as fascinating! Whether it’s Tori (Chicken) Katsu or Tonkatsu (Pork cutlet), choose your favourite fried poultry along with some buns and drizzle that curry sauce all over. We promise that’d be the most satisfying meal!

Roti Prata with curry

You can get these instant roti pratas from supermarkets or grocery stores. You’ll have to cook or heat them up, but it’s pretty easy and convenient. Dip them in your precious curry sauce and there you go – another astonishing combination.

Curry Udon

Curry udon should be the next best Japanese noodle dish – after ramen, that is. You should try to experiment cooking udon with curry because udon soup base isn’t nice anyway. (At least it isn’t, in my own opinion.)


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