8 mixers you shouldn’t use with your liquor

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If you love drinking and you love trying out new tastes, these are the 10 mixers you shouldn’t use with your liquor.

Energy drinks
Many people have this misconception that by mixing energy drinks with liquor will make you less drunk, but the truth is it does not. Mixing energy drinks will not lower the risk from being drunk, and if you are drinking your liquor with energy drinks the whole night, you’re having too much caffeine in your body.

Red Bull
The reason why we mention Red Bull (when there’s an Energy Drink category above) here is because Red Bull is used to make a drink called Jagerbomb, and also used to mix with Vodka. This two combinations will actually lead people to higher levels of intoxication, and sometimes violence.

This is a bad combo to go with, mixing beer with liquor will increase your chances of getting drunk. When you’re at a crazy birthday party with your friends at a club, everyone starts to get high and mix all sorts of drinks together, and when you drink that beer-liquor combo, you’re as good as gone.

Fruit Juice
There’s actually nothing wrong for you to mix fruit juice with liquor, but why you shouldn’t be doing so is because it’s a pretty weird combination. Fruit juice is on the healthy side, liquor is much on the unhealthy side, if you combine this two together, it doesn’t actually “balance” things out.

It doesn’t matter whether is it red wine or white wine, as long as you mix wine with liquor together, it’s going to have almost the same effect as mixing beer with liquor. But the difference is, the taste is much more horrible than beer with liquor.

Vodka with Ribena is quite common in Singapore, you can see people drinking this combination in clubs, but Ribena with any other liquor would be a pretty bad choice. It might taste good with vodka, but it’s a different situation when you mix it with other liquors.

Hot sauce
If you love adding Tabasco sauce to your pasta, you shouldn’t do this to your liquor as well. If you do not know, there are people mixing hot sauce with liquor and this deadly combination is known as the Prairie Fire. One shot normally contains 1 shot of liquor and around 15 drops of Tabasco sauce. Unless you’ve lost a bet or lost in love, don’t try this combination!

Diet Soda
Researchers had found out that mixing diet soda with liquor will make people become intoxicated faster than mixing a sugar-sweetened soft drink with liquor. If you really love mixing soda with liquor, always remember to avoid diet soda.

Top Image: Alexandru Nika / Shutterstock.com