8 New Facts About A&W Plans For S’pore Revealed By The CEO That’ll Make You Excited AF

In case you haven’t heard about it (where have you been?), A&W stores will be operating in Singapore once again!

That’s right, you don’t have to travel all the way down to Johor Bahru Bukit Indah to enjoy your root beer float and waffle ice cream.

So when we heard about new words by the man of the hour (at least to Singaporeans lah!), Kevin Bazner, President & CEO of A&W, we had to share it with you.

Here are 8 new facts about A&W’s plans for Singapore that’ll get you excited AF.

1. Areas that A&W is looking into for its first flagship store

Now that you’re assured of the fact that A&W is looking to stay in Singapore, here’s the next question: where will the store be located?

CEO Kevin Bazner mentioned that the fast food chain is looking at key neighbourhood areas, commercial malls as well as the Central Business District (CBD) to locate their first outlet in Singapore.

2. The first store will be owned by the company itself

When A&W Inc bought the brand back from Yum! Brands, they brought the entire fast food chain on a quality control binge. Think freshly made root beer, hot piping food, etc.

For those worried that the restaurant in Singapore will be a franchise (read: standards might drop), don’t worry!

The first store opening in Singapore will be operated by A&W itself. And not just that, it’ll be a flagship store that trains A&W employees from all over the region.

Expect even better food and service from the first store liao!

3. They have been planning to launch stores in S’pore back in 2011

Guys, A&W didn’t forget about us, Singaporean fans. According to the CEO, they have been planning this move for seven years.

That’s right.

Ever since the company bought over the brand from Yum! Brands back in 2011, the American company has been planning to open stores here in Singapore.

4. And it’s all because of Singaporeans themselves

YES! It’s all because of Singaporeans like you and me. #ILoveYouGuys

A&W have always been aware of Singapore as a potential market to operate in because Singaporeans have been leaving messages on their social media and other channels, asking for them to come back.

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He even gave a specific example: Hundreds of requests from potential franchisees are recorded each year.

5. The usual fan favourites will be available

Wondering how A&W will change after 15 years away from Singapore? It’ll be same-same-but-different.

Bazner assures that the usual Singaporean favourites like waffle ice cream, curly fries and “freshly-made” root beer float in frosty mugs will be available.

But there’ll also be new (and hopefully better) changes on the menu that Singaporeans might grow to love too.

They’ll share more with Singaporeans closer to their first store opening. 

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6. Expect fresh ingredients from the stores

Other than their beef patties which are flown directly from Australia, their chicken will be sourced from the region primarily and prepared here in Singapore.

They’re also looking to get other ingredients for the store here in Singapore. 


But that’s not the best part.

7.  It’s Halal-certified

The store will be halal-certified. So that everyone can indulge in a good meal there mah.

Now that they have changed the name of their root beer to RB, it shouldn’t be a problem, right?

8. Their return is projected in 2nd half of 2018

Now, some bad news because if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

A&W’s return to Singapore is planned for the second half of 2018 but it might not come true.


It all depends on whether they can find a suitable site and resources here in Singapore.

We’ll recommend Bukit Batok because the rental is cheaper here and accessible to the whole of Singapore.

Best of all, we’re near Jurong East, the “second town” of Singapore. After all, lesser people will go Orchard Road after the smoking ban liao. 

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