8 Places to Catch Sunset in S’pore That is Romantic Overload

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Sunsets are some of the most romantic and humbling things to witness in this world. Just imagine, you and your significant other walking along the beach, or on the hill, or from your hotel room along the beach and then, you watch the sun sinking into the horizon.

Doesn’t that beautiful scene just fill you with a sense of awe, and make you feel that life is too short to remain unhappy in the face of such fleeting beauty?

And if you’re not married yet, doesn’t that encourage you to make an impromptu proposal (even if you’re the lady)? #justsaying

You’d have thought that the best places to catch the sunset would be at Changi point sunset walk, but there are plenty of other places you can go to for the best sunsets in Singapore as well.

Here’s eight places in Singapore to catch the best sunset that your bae will definitely be impressed with you.

Changi Point Sunset Walk

Enjoy an over-the-water walk and admire the beautiful orange hues of the sun as it sinks down into the horizon. And after the walk, you can sink your teeth into some Changi Nasi Lemak. Life doesn’t get much better than that, does it?

Pulau Ubin

sunset 2
Image: flickr.com | Peter Nguyen

Singaporeans love going to Pulau Ubin for cycling or just to rest from the admittedly crazy pace of life in Singapore, but stay a bit longer and be mesmerized by the beautiful sunset. In fact, this island isn’t just great for sunsets, but sunrises as well.

Tuas Lalang Field

Image: weddingbells.sg
Image: weddingbells.sg

If you’ve thought that Tuas only has factories and a causeway link to JB, think again. This Lalang field is a hotspot for wedding photoshoots and the vast open field is perfect for watching the sunset as well.

Lower Pierce Reservoir

sunset 44
Image: snipview.com

A popular place for joggers to run among nature, reward yourself after your run with this beautiful scene. You’ll feel your fatigue draining away.

Marina Barrage

Image: commons.wikimedia.org
Image: commons.wikimedia.org

Bring your bae with you to Marina Barrage and enjoy the breeze, cook a basket of food for her or pack the food from the nearby open air foodcourt, watch the sun sink behind the skyscrapers of the CBD and admire the city lights from afar.

Woodlands Waterfront

Image: sgromancing.com
Image: sgromancing.com

Stroll along the jetty hand-in-hand, stand beside your bae and just enjoy the moment, looking out over the unobstructed view of the water as the sun sets.


Ulu Pandan Reservoir

sunset 77
Image: sgromancing.com

Like the name, this place is a bit hard to get to, but if you go there with the bae, the sunset will make everything worth it. Serious.

Bedok Jetty

sunset 4
Image: flickr.com | Nir Sinay

A favorite spot for people to fish at, you’ll be offered a panoramic view of the sunset with orange hues reflecting on the water against the backdrop of Singapore’s cityscape.

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