8 Reasons Why Giving Up a Seat in 2018 is No Longer About Kindness

Did you ever wonder when did desperately chionging for seats become a Singaporean culture?

Not to say that we don’t care about the old, injured or the pregnant, but there are, in fact, ridiculous people who made the act of giving up your seat lose its purpose.

It’s like the MRT or bus is made for them.

Here are eight reasons why we think giving up your seat is not what it used to represent. At least unlike what it used to be.

Do you agree with us?

Middle age people demanding for seats

We understand how tiring it is for these middle aged aunties to buy groceries and commute, but some of them are demanding seats from others because they felt that they need the seat more than you do. No doubt a physically fitter person can give up their seat, but it’s really their choice to do so, and not because you demand so. #Justsaying.

I mean, they’re not the only ones who buy groceries, right?

You’re more afraid than anything

With STOMP, social media and websites that are focused on “naming and shaming”, you give up your seat because you’re afraid and not because you want to. STOMP, Facebook, Twitter and All Singapore Stuff are coming for you if you fall asleep and didn’t notice the elderly standing right in front of you.

And you better start to think up an explanation for your parents when your face appears on those, because those SJWs aren’t going to politely ask you to give up your seat..IRL.

You need to pay attention to people who board

You start paying more attention to people who board the train like your new part-time retail job. Reminder to look out for people who need the seats, because you cannot afford to not notice them. Again, all social media platforms are waiting to write about you.

You see, sitting in a train is like having tens of rifles pointed at you: miss one elderly and you’ll see your pretty face everywhere online.

You really can’t afford to sleep on public transport

Even if you go clubbing until 5am and go for class at 8am. No matter how tired you are, you won’t sleep on public transport. You will wake up to a nightmare of your unglamorous sleeping face on Facebook.

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Either that, or it’s the same story: you’ve not given up your seat to an elderly, and you’re pretending to be sleeping…when you’re really sleeping (trust me, SJW DGAF).

Too much judging

People judge you and give you all the weird eyes if you don’t give up your seat. You’ll also judge people if you see someone not giving up their seat for the needy. People nowadays give up their seats because they’re worried they might get judged and be thought of negatively.

Third parties asking you to give up your seat for the needy FOR A REASON

There are situations which the old people refuse your offered seat, and you continue sitting there. Some unknown righteous third party unaware of the situation comes to you and asks you to give up your seat for the old. “Crik crik…”

And here’s the kicker: that third party isn’t a Batman and definitely isn’t doing it for society. I bet my boss’s car that after talking to you, he or she is going to post a lengthy post online about how bad society has become, and humblebrag about what he or she has done.

Pretty sure 99% of people who see the post knows it’s an humblebrag: the only 1% is himself / herself.

The ‘rule’ of how certain people don’t deserve a seat

We don’t know how this rule came about, but there is a ‘rule’ of how certain people are undeserving of a seat. People such as the youngsters, the NSF etc. Isn’t it ridiculous to state that someone deemed as fit is undeserving of a seat they paid for? Isn’t it the same as saying fat people who paid don’t deserve to eat since they’re fat?

Giving up a seat is no longer an act of kindness

Giving up a seat is known as an act of kindness, something which people want to provide others with. But now it no longer is related to kindness, it’s becoming an act of obligation.

Or, like what I’ve mentioned, a way to humblebrag. Welcome to the generation of memes, selfies and me, me, me, me, me and forever me.

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