8 Reasons Why an Air Fryer is a Must-Have in Every House or Office


We’ve all heard about new kitchen products floating around, and the air fryer in particular has slowly become more well regarded by many.

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not you should get one (what were you thinking?!), here are eight reasons that would most likely convince you that air fryer isn’t a want, but a need.

1. No oil needed

It’s basically your first step to being healthy. While you need oil to cook raw meat and frozen food, you will not need it when you use the air fryer. All you have to do is take the frozen food from the freezer and toss it straight in the fryer, while the hot air in the fryer ensures the meat is cooked from all angles so the inside and outside will be moist. If you really want to, you can still add a little oil for fries and other preferred foods, but the amount needed will still be drastically decreased.

2. It’s (almost) dummy-proof

Using a pan requires slow addition of ingredients, perhaps the oil first, then the chopped garlic, then the meat, so on and so forth. But with an air fryer, all you need to is cut your required ingredients into pieces, and place them in the fryer’s basket, set the timer and temperature, and you’re done! You might need to flip the meat slices every now and then, but other than that, the cooking is automatic and fuss free!

3. It cooks in the blink of an eye

Since defrosting is unecessary, you won’t have to wait for your frozen products to be ready for cooking, or for the fryer to be preheated, as opposed to a frying pan. The timer enables you to set a certain timing for cooking as well, meaning you will can quicken to process and minimise your chances of overcooking as well.

4. Safety is its priority

If you’ve tried using a frying pan before, chances are you’ve fallen victim to the splashing oil before, or you know that you have to watch out for where you’re gripping the pan. With an air fryer, you can be sure that you won’t get hurt by the thick insulation, or the lack of splatter since the frying is done within the machine. Some air fryers also have non-stick feet along their bottom, thus they will not slip while placed on kitchen counters.

Even a kid knows how to use one (though, of course, we generally don’t suggest you to let  a kid use it as he or she might air-fry a kitten).

5. You’ve got all your kitchen needs mixed into one

Will you be baking, roasting, or grilling? It doesn’t matter because an air fryer can accomplish those tasks! This easily adaptable appliance enables you to use different cooking methods for the same food, allowing you to achieve different flavours and tastes easily. You’ll be able to save up since you won’t be needing multiple appliances, when your trusty air fryer can cook ’em all!

6. Clean up in a flash

Doing the dishes is such a chore; don’t you wish you could avoid it? Well, you’ll barely need to wash many utensils, since the air fryer’s main compartment is what comes into contact with the food the most. At least you won’t be washing a different pan and spatula for every dish you cook!

In fact, there’s a colleague who claims that he uses it daily but washes it every week or so. He’s still alive.

7. Better heat circulation

In the appliance, heat is more evenly spread so your food will have a fair distribution of heat along every part. You no longer have to worry about redness in your meat overly soft vegetables. Your food will not only suit your needs well, but may also turn out more delicious this way!

8. Cook different foods at once

Often times, we have to cook dishes individually, or in different pots and pans. When you use an air fryer, you can toss in a mix of different foods and still achieve well cooked and tasty meals! Just make sure you use the suitable condiments for what you’re cooking together, and you’ll get you healthy and delicious dishes!

And no, this article isn’t sponsored by any air fryer. Instead, we’re just hoping that our super stingy boss reads this so that he’ll buy one for the office.