8 S’porean Signs That Shows You’ve Hit The Jackpot In S’pore Buffets

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A buffet isn’t just a buffet. It’s a battlefield.

You’ve invested money for it and now you want to reap all the benefits you can.

But how do you do it? Well, don’t worry, for I have just the thing for you!

Image: memegenerator.net

Here are 8 signs that the buffet you’re going for is going to be well-worth the money. Or like my dad likes to say, huat ah!

1. Free-flow premium items

Premium items are basically really pricey items you would have to fork out a fortune for elsewhere. Examples include sashimi, lobsters, crabs and steaks!

Typically, a buffet like this will limit the premium items. Get stuffed on the inexpensive items but when it comes to the truly valuable ones, you only get one serving. Sorry.

So if a buffet is literally free-flow on everything, you know you’ve gone to the right place!

Image: iwandered.net

2. Special items you can’t find anywhere else

If the buffet has exclusive offerings, that’s a plus point already!

Let’s say that this particular buffet has exclusive handmade Gula Melaka ice cream and braised sea cucumbers – that means you can’t eat it anywhere else.

Image: eatdreamlove.com

Isn’t that a good enough reason itself to go for the buffet? I mean, buffets can be pricey, and there has to be something special, right?

It’s just like employers hiring from a pool of candidates, they’ll choose someone that stands out from the rest.

Same reason.

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3. Reviews

We live in an age where everything’s rated by critics: movies, books, games, restaurants and buffets.

And reviews tend to come in a pack too, so you won’t be led astray by a single biased opinion.

If there’s one buffet that ticks all the right boxes with critics and customers alike, congratulations. You’ve hit the jackpot!

Image: radiotimes.com

4. Live Stations

The food available in a buffet spread is already pretty fresh.

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But a live station? That, my boy, is the bomb. You essentially have a chef preparing food just for you.


Can’t get any better than that!

5. Buffet Hacks – Mix and Mash

If you’re the creative type, you’ve probably already done this.

A good buffet shouldn’t just have a variety of mouth-smacking cuisine; it should also offer a series complementary products, or as I like to call it, the Mix and Mash.

See that Gula Melaka Ice-cream? Mix and mash it with that Ondeh-Ondeh. If it tastes heavenly, you’ve got the right buffet.


Try asking the buffet’s staff for some hacks! If they have some special combinations, you’ve hit the jackpot!

6. Fast refilling of food items

A good buffet SHOULD always refill their food items fast. Think about it; no customer would want to wait a long time for a certain dish to be available again.

A buffet has a set duration, and the customer’s money and time are just ticking away.

If the food items are refilled faster than you can finish your dishes, you’ve got the right place.

7. Clear plates fast and clean

A good buffet should also have helpful and spontaneous staff that clear your plates pronto.


Let’s create an example. Your plates are piling high on the table, and it’s starting to affect your eating space. Desperate, you look towards the staff for help, but they pointedly ignore you.

You won’t want that to happen, right? So look for buffets that value not just their food, but also their customer service!

8. Price

And like they say, money is king.

Everything comes to naught if you’ve to pay a ludicrous amount for the buffet, so choose wisely.

Weigh the monetary value of the food items against the buffet price, and think about it.


Is it worth it? Should you go for it? Or should you turn your back on it?

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Simply quote “Goody Feed x Ginger” (we had to beg for this to happen, guys!) and you’ll get a dinner buffet at the price of $42++ (U.P $58++) per pax.


Sounds expensive, until you take #1 into account. Everything is free-flow there!

Image: knowyourmeme.com

Now that you’ve mastered the secret art of buffets, set forth and seek the best out there!

Good luck!

Address: Address: 7500 Beach Road, PARKROYAL on Beach Road, Singapore 199591


Feature Image: iwandered.net

This article was first published on goodyfeed.com and written in collaboration with PARKROYAL on Beach Road.