8 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Luck in the Rooster Year

I‘m sure we’ve all heard our friends or family members exclaiming the same “New Year New me!” phrases every new year.

How about New Year, New luck too? Let the bad luck that you’ve gotten last year pass; this year is going to be a great one. Just so, if you attempt to do these 8 things in the new year. 

1. Lucky colour

When it comes to the new year, all of a sudden- everyone’s favourite colour turns to red. We all know how red symbolises prosperity and how it is an auspicious colour for warding off evil. Hence if you want to desperately improve your luck before playing blackjack, remember to wear red. Red underwear works just as well!

 2. Washing of hair

Don’t wash your hair on the first day of CNY. I repeat, don’t wash your hair on 一. Why so? It is a symbolism of not washing all your fortunes away.

3. Breaking stuff

Once you break a mug, there is a difficulty in fixing it back together again. Same goes for your luck: once you break something on CNY, your luck will be “broken” as well. To those dearest clumsy people out there, be extra extra careful alright!

4. Swearing #$%&

Swearing is an expression of anger, and other negative emotions. When we swear, we bring out excessive amount of negative energy around us. Want to huat this year? Don’t swear, it will bring you more positive energy in this rooster year!

5. Sweeping

Stop! No sweeping in the house, please. The act of sweeping on CNY is associated with sweeping wealth away. Taking out garbage symbolizes dumping out the good luck or good fortune from the house too. Tahan for the time being and your luck will definitely improve a whole lot more!

6. Medicine

Avoid taking or brewing medicine on the first day of CNY, as it is believed that he or she will get ill for the whole year. Unless you’re really really sick, then bobian, health more important.

7. Orange Juice

For all the orange juice lovers out there, this one is for you. Try to drink orange juice in the new year! It is described that orange represents gold. I guess we will be drinking “gold” to improve our luck this year. How cool is that?

8.  Debt

Do not borrow or owe any money during CNY. Neither should you go to his/her house to demand it. This will really make you suay for the entire year. You don’t want that to happen!

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