8 Things You Can Do During a Long, Boring Budget Airline Flight


Being someone who takes budget airline flights frequently (because if you want to save and travel, that’s the way to go), I am always looking for a way to spend time my flights in a more productive way – especially when you’ve to travel to places like Taiwan on a 4-hour flight. I mean, since we can’t exactly bring food up nor do we have entertainment on board, flying budget flights can really be quire a chore. 

But hey, if you’re, too, always stuck in the same situations as I am, here are some of the ways which you can spend your time on a long, boring budget airline flight to make flying a little more enjoyable! 

1. Put a movie in your phone

I always, always make it a point to not binge-watch on any shows 1/2 weeks prior to my flights or find new shows to watch when I know I’m able to travel. This helps me to spend my time on board in a much faster manner and in a way, I also start to look forward to flights because I can finally catch up on my Netflix series (!!!)

And before you know it, you’ve already arrived at your destination! 

2. Plan your weeks 

Travelling when you’re working / studying would also mean that you’ve to postpone some commitments or plans. And since you get to have your own me-time on board, this is also a great way for you to plan your days when you’re back!

Write it down, create lists, or whatever. You’ve all the time in the world man.

3. Pack your own snacks on board

Okay, even though there’s this “no bringing of your own food on board” rule for budget airlines, they’ll sorta still ‘close one eye’ if you bring snacks up. I mean, don’t go overboard and pack Chicken Rice or Nasi Lemak up lah. Sandwiches or little biscults are actually fine. 


Being on the plane is BEST for reading / studying because you don’t exactly have a lot of distractions. Neither can you go to the fridge to look for food or jump into bed like when you’re home.

5. Write down a list of things to do at the destination, and plan your itinerary! 

Another thing I love to do on board a plane is plan out my itinerary. Granted, I may not have access to internet in the air, but one way to counter that problem is to print out the destination details so that you can study more about them on the plane. Guide books can be pretty handy too!

And since you are travelling with your companion and both of you have nothing to do on board a budget airline, planning the itinerary together can sometimes be really therapeutic on board!

6. Meditate

With nothing to do and no one to talk to you, you can take this chance to go slow and meditate. Heck, you might even fall asleep while you doing so.

7. Listen to a playlist 

Always had a playlist that you’ve wanted to listen to but have no time to do so? Well, now’s the perfect time to! You can even take this chance to create a mix-tape for the people you love! 

8. Sleep

Else, if you really have no idea on what you can do, just sleep. Sometimes, I also make it a point to disrupt my sleep cycle a little so that I will be tired enough to sleep on the plane ride. Granted, it might not be the most comfortable way to sleep, but at least you know that you’re still passing time!