8 Tips to Level Up Super Fast In Maplestory M Without Hacks

Konnichiwa, I’m BlueW, your friendly neighbourhood Night Lord in the mobile game that has been taking the world by storm.

And today, I’ve been specially invited by Baddy Feed to give a talk about Maplestory M, as well as tips on how to level up as quickly as possible in the game ‘coz I’m the best player in the office.

Now, make no mistake; Maplestory M is an incredibly hard game to get through. In fact, the journey might get tough, even tedious, to continue. And that’s especially so when you hit the 80s, because all of a sudden your quests dry up, and experience points become as elusive as girlfriends.

And that’s where these tips come in useful. Apply these methods, and you should see your character levelling up a fraction of a second faster than if you don’t.

So without further ado, let’s get started, and always remember.

Keep your pants on.

1. Party up

I can’t stress this enough. If you want to level up quickly, ditch the solo wolf act…

And learn to work together.

Apart from gaining additional experience points for just that, being in a party, you also reap experience points when your party members get kills. So really, you lose absolutely nothing by joining a party.

Unless, of course, you have a party member who seems intent on asking whether you’re a girl. Then that might be kind of shady.

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Ideally, you will want to get every class in the same party, because each has its own buffs and skills that might aid your progression. Bishops, for example, have a range of spells that don’t just buff you up, but even increase your experience gain.

2. Guild Banquet

Join a guild. Because boy, the experience points in a guild banquet are absolutely insane.

30 minutes long in duration, the Guild Banquet does just what its name suggests: offer a great array of experience points for your consumption. Indeed, every few seconds a ton of experience points pop up, and every few seconds I cheer.

Coincidence? I think not.

3. Know when to auto-battle

Maplestory M has a function called auto-battle. But really, they should just christen it ‘Sure Way To Get Some Exp’ because that’s exactly what it is.

A rapid exp. booster.

Indeed, I attribute much of my success (not bragging, just stating the cold hard truth) to hours of auto-battling, because I wouldn’t have earned half as much experience without it.

Plus, auto-battling’s unique in the sense that even after you close the app, your character will still be fighting monsters. Cool shit, right? That means that while you’re bowling a 300 game, your character’s essentially fighting alongside you, and other players in the game can see you online when you’re actually not.

There’s just one drawback to it though; somehow, your character gets like 1000x dumber once you stop supervising it, and starts incurring lots of damage that’s otherwise preventable. I remember leaving my character to its own devices for two hours once, and the next thing I knew 1000 V4.0 HP potions were gone.

I never left it alone that long after that.

4. Auto quest

There’s auto-battling, and then there’s auto-quest.

Now, auto-quest is useful in the sense that instead of having to go at quests manually, you can actually let the game do its thing. So in essence, the game will move your character for you, and even fight monsters for you.

But nothing’s perfect, and auto-questing is no different. While the game does the above for you, it doesn’t do one essential thing.

Click for you.

Which means that sadly, you’ll still have to somewhat supervise your character, seeing how question completion doesn’t materialise unless you manually click on the options.

5. Stack all the exp buffs

Know when to use your exp buffs.

I know, I know. The game masters have been particularly generous of late, and exp buffs have been so rampant you’ll be forgiven for mistaking them as your HP potions. Yet even so, you’ll be well-advised to know when and where to use them.

Lest you’re unaware, you can actually stack exp buffs of different varieties together. For example, you can use a 50% buff and a 30% buff together  Heck, you can even throw in a 10% potato salad in for an incredulous 90% exp buff. The same kind, however, doesn’t quite work. Maybe that’s why they say opposites attract.

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6. Dungeons

There are many dungeons in this game, but I gotta say.

Star Field Dungeon is my fav.

Not because of its flashy-sounding namesake either. Rather, it’s because the dungeon’s a literal star.

When it comes to granting experience points anyway.

And to accentuate the experience, party up. I’m telling you;

Experience points have never come this easily before.

7. Get a friend to power level you

This is of course not the most ethical method on the market, and as such is one we’ll not recommend unless you insist on playing it the unethical way or something.

But as such the title speaks for itself. Get a high-level friend to farm monsters while you rest, and watch as your levels jump faster than a bunch of male cats when they see a pussy… cat.

8. Grind

With all things said, the core thing to really level up fast is just that.


However, like everything else, you want to be intelligent about the way you play it. So pay attention to all the points listed above, and use them to your advantage.

As they say…

Grind hard, not smart.

Or is it the other way round?

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