8 types of bosses that we really want to kick in the ass


Last Updated on 2016-05-20 , 10:12 am

Office politics is common, you’re always fighting with other colleagues for a promotion or to get in the Boss’ good books. But, it sucks when your Boss sucks, really. It’s kinda like living on the 13th level of hell sometimes, on good days. On bad days you go straight to Basement 18. These are the horrible bosses we love to hate.

The Dictator
You know, the Hitler. Who always dictates and never leads? A good boss will go along with his people and help them out. But the Dictator just bosses you around and picks on you all the time. Death stare….

The Watcher
The one with eyes on you. Not one, not two eyes, but many eyes. Instead of doing work, he walks around the office and checks up on you. He’s always trying to see and spot your smallest mistake. Kinda sounds like our school principal who always walks around to see if the teachers are sitting down while teaching.

The One who takes ALL the Credit
Worst boss ever!! He never does the work but when the time comes, take all credit for it when you were the one who stayed up many nights just to clinch that deal. Worst part is when he never acknowledges your effort but instead tell others that he had sacrificed sleep to do the work.

The Egoistic 
The one who always goes “Oh don’t worry, I know what to do..” or “I never disappoint..” or “I’m the best person to look for…” Like OMG, it’s a “Me myself and I” kind of world for that boss. Absolute hate and vomit.

The Bully
Bully in all sorts of ways. The one who makes you feel bad about not doing his work for him, or the one who doesn’t pay your salary on time or ALWAYS picks on you.

The Bubble
You know how bubbles burst very fast? Yeah that’s what your boss does too. Makes promises but never keeps them. Says she’ll turn up but never ever does. Sometimes you wonder how she even became the boss in the first place.

The Invisible
The boss that never turns up for work. Maybe he’s wearing an invisible cloak and secretly watching you. However when you try to leave office early, your boss suddenly appears. Meh.

The Trying Too Hard
It’s kinda like our parents trying to be our friends. They try too hard sometimes. They try to be close to us, to make us like them and all. Hmm, one of the worst kinds of boss in my opinion.

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