8 Most Unusual Flavours of Bak Kwa to Freak Out Your Relatives


Bak kwa is probably the most common Chinese New Year snack that every household will get. If you are tired of the traditional bak kwa, here are some unique flavours you can try that might shock your relatives.

And maybe they’ll talk abou the bak kwa instead of you!

Pineapple bak kwa
When pineapple tart is not enough, you have pineapple bak kwa. In each piece of bak kwa, you can actually see strips of pineapple in it. Since pineapple symbolises prosperity, this flavour of bak kwa should be pretty popular among people.
Where to get: Kim Peng Hiang

Durian bak kwa
You can never go wrong with durian. Durian is considered the king of fruits by many Singaporeans and now, it is finally incorporated into bak kwa. For those who love durian, you have to give this a try. This will definitely attract both Singaporeans and tourists alike.
Where to get: Hu Zhen Long

Cinammon bak kwa
Cinammon is more of a western spice and it would be more popular for the Christmas season. Thus, this bak kwa flavours has a blend of Christmas and Chinese New Year, adding a new dimension to this festive season. They also offer Parmesan cheese bak kwa and paprika bak kwa, suitable for those with a more western palate!
Where to get: Xi Shi Bak Kwa

Crocodile bak kwa
Yes, you’ve read it right: crocodile. This bak kwa is made using crocodile meat. Traditionally, Chinese doctors believe that crocodile meat or other reptiles can cure asthma. Other then crocodile, Turkey bak kwa and Berkshire pork bak kwa are also available.
Where to get: Fragrance

Fish bak kwa
Okay, maybe not that shocking, but still interesting. This bak kwa is made of meat such as salmon, tuna and marlin. The best thing is, it is halal, thus, your muslim friends who visit during Chinese New Year can also enjoy this delicious snack!
Where to get: Ocean King

Apple wood/lychee wood smoked bak kwa
Made with fruits, the sweetness of the fruits can probably help to ease the greasiness of the bak kwa. This is good for those who love bak kwa but cannot really eat it as it is way too oily. If you love fruits, you have to give it a try.
Where to get: Golden Bridge Foods

Vegetarian bak kwa
This bak kwa is made only with soy and mushroom and has zero animal products. You won’t believe vegetarian food can taste so good until you give this bak kwa a try!
Where to get: Friendly Vegetarian

Rock sugar honey bak kwa
For those who love sweets, including children, this will be the bak kwa you are looking for. Grilled with honey, each piece of bak kwa will shine as the the drops of goodness drip down each piece of bak kwa. This will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth. Just, well, note that the amount of calories in this bak kwa is more than crazy…
Where to get: Fragrance

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