8 valid reasons why every girl needs a red lipstick, and you’ll agree after reading this.

Last Updated on 2023-05-10 , 9:50 am

Okay, maybe not EVERY girl…Since some of us might not like wearing makeup but if you’re into makeup and are unsure of whether the red lip look is for you, here are some reasons to convince yourself!

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It makes you look younger

Over time, your skin gets duller and makes you look aged. But when you wear red lipstick, it contrasts nicely with your skin and makes it appear lighter and brighter and thus you’ll look more youthful!

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It draws attention to you

Who wouldn’t be looking at a girl with a fierce, bright-red lip? If attention is the kind of thing that you love, then go ahead and slap on some red lipstick and bask in the appreciative glances you get as you stroll down the street.

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It gives you confidence

The loud, bold and bright shade of red lipstick will instantly make you feel more attractive and confident since you’re rocking such a trendy look and those that see you will be wowed by your boldness. Even if you don’t feel the confidence at first, it will slowly build up the longer you wear it!

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You can take better selfies

A study showed that people who wear lipstick post about two selfies a week on average, and those who wear red lipstick post around three! The confidence booster that a red lip brings you will encourage you to take and post more selfies, all while feeling like a boss and making you love yourself even more!

People take you more seriously

A study showed that women who wore bright lip colors were perceived as more competent and capable in the workplace, as well as more likable! Just make sure to be dressed professionally if you are in a work environment so that people won’t misinterpret your look.

It makes other makeup unnecessary

Ok while you might still want to go with the concealer, a bright red lip will be able to hold its own and you can keep your eye makeup minimal and natural, which means less work! Who can ever say no to having to put in less effort?

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It makes your teeth look whiter

Red lipstick will help your teeth appear brighter and whiter in contrast, but that doesn’t mean you should skip the brushing because if it’s stained and has food stuck in it, then the lipstick isn’t going to help you, honey.

It actually looks good in every shade

We’ve been talking about bright red lipstick but ultimately, you can go for any shade you want: wine red, cherry red, fiery red, all of these will probably look amazing on you and the real winning fact is that red lipsticks come in so many shades and they’re all pretty flattering, no matter who they’re on!


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