8 Valid Reasons Why Vivo City Is Worth a Visit This Weekend

Vivocity has been around for some time now but it still has many charms about it that you should check out this weekend. Located at Harbourfront Walk, this massive shopping mall is home to an array of fashion and lifestyle stores catering to both

Located at Harbourfront Walk, this massive shopping mall is home to an array of fashion and lifestyle stores catering to both the young and the old. Here are 10 good reasons why you should pay this mall a visit this weekend with the family or loved ones.

1.Affordable dining with a view


There are several restaurants and cafes in Vivocity, similar to any other shopping mall in Singapore. What makes them different though is that you can enjoy a view of Sentosa and Resorts World Singapore while you dine, especially at night.

Take the family there for a meal and soak in the scenery while you indulge in an array of delicious fare.

2. Have a date under the stars at the rooftop

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While there are other shopping malls that also have rooftop gardens, Vivocity takes the lead due to its vastness and scenic view.

Bring your date here for a slow walk and some heart-to-heart talk under the stars while you allow the romantic atmosphere to seep in as you look out into the beautiful sea view and enjoy the fireworks that may appear over the horizon from Sentosa.

3. While you shop, let the kids waddle in the dipping pool or play at the playground

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On hot days like these, your kids will be more than happy to go for a dip in the dipping pool located at the rooftop garden. The water isn’t deep and although it is highly recommended to have an adult there to supervise, the kids are generally safe.

Otherwise, there is also a playground located right in the middle of the second floor where children can spend their time while their parents enjoy a round of shopping within the mall.

4.Let your children ride the mall train outside the mall.


Westgate has a similar train that trundles through the mall but Vivocity’s train brings kids on a scenic ride by the sea outside of the mall. I would recommend taking the ride in the evening when it is cooler and the night scene is more captivating. If your kids are too young, parents will be urged to join them on the ride.

5.Check out the various exhibitions taking place at the atrium

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If you love your mooncakes, the mall is having a Mid-Autumn Festival Fair at the main atrium from 16 August 2016 until 14 September 2016.

The reason why bubble tea is addictive is due to a secret ingredient. Watch what it is here: (Also remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel!)

There are also several different fairs throughout the year so watch out for them. You can expect to get perfumes, household items, electronic appliances and many other items at really affordable prices during these exhibitions.

6.Take a stroll along the boardwalk after dinner

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Besides the lovely rooftop garden, Vivocity is also connected to Sentosa by way of a wooden connector called the boardwalk. In the evenings, you will be able to see many couples and families taking a walk and admiring the view while relaxing in the cool evening breeze.

Many will stand along the railings and await the crane performance and fireworks that will appear at certain times of the night.

7.Indulge in some street food at the basement

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Vivocity has recently done a revamp to their street food stores at the basement and it is a welcome change. You can choose to have a Taiwanese XXL chicken cutlet and a Korean bingsu at the same time if you like.

This basically means you don’t have to have your meal at a proper restaurant or cafe in Vivocity. You can have some delicious small bites and have more time for other activities like shopping.

8.Dining vouchers to be won for Pokemon Go players


If you and your friends and family are Pokemon Go players, you can take part in their #EatWithPokemon Instagram contest from now until 25 August 2016 to stand a chance to win Mapletree vouchers!

All you need to do is take a photo of yourself having a meal with a Pokemon at any of their restaurants and tag them in your Instagram post.

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