8YO Boy Has Buckwheat Growing From Knees After Kneeling On Its Seeds For 9 Hours As Punishment


I have always complained about how my parents punished me. Caning me for not being able to memorise multiplication tables as a kid? Come on.

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Shush, it hurt. 

However painful my story is, it does not even come close to the torture this boy faced.

Kneeling On Buckwheat Seeds

Traditional parents often demand absolute obedience and compliance from their children. As a result, a common, but highly unnecessary, punishment from more rural areas would be to make the child kneel in humiliation.

Oftentimes, however, the parents will give in after a while, because perhaps they feel bad for the child and will take him or her back quickly.

However, these parents left their son kneeling on buckwheat seeds for nine hours.

If you’re like me and don’t know what buckwheat seeds look like, here is a picture:

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Buckwheat seeds are incredibly hard, and they have sharp tips.

Even in the army, we had knee pads for kneeling for long durations, and it was definitely not on hard seeds and not for nine hours.

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This goes beyond a simple punishment and goes into the territory of abuse. In fact, it may even be worse than abuse, if an offender smacks a child, the physical pain lingers for awhile. Kneeling for nine hours? That is torture.

This is what happened to the boys’ knees after kneeling. It was bloodied, and the seeds had sunken into his knees and cannot be removed.

The seeds had to be removed in the hospital, with the child under general anaesthesia.

Injuries: Buckwheat took root in an eight-year-old boy's knees (pictured) after he was forced to kneel on grain seeds for nine hours at a time by his stepfather
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The big crime that the child committed to deserve such punishment?

He came home late.

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Apparently, the mother “checked the punishment” and thought it was appropriate.

“I checked on it myself and set up an experiment.” She said. “I knelt on it. It didn’t hurt me. So he (Kazakov) was allowed to apply this punishment.”


It was concocted by the child’s stepfather, who also pulled his hair and kicked him as he knelt there.

Sergey Kazakov
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The boy's mother Alina Yumashev
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This was not the first time that such abuse took place. They used to beat him and starve him as well, up to four days in a past incident.

Want to know something even more disgusting? The punishments were filmed on the stepfather’s phone.

Luckily, the child was able to escape the nefarious grips of his evil parents and was able to seek help from his neighbours.

Currently, the parents are facing trial in Omsk, Russia for torture, causing damage to the boy’s health, and failure to properly educate the boy.