9 health problems associated with office workers & what you can do about it

Work is something that is unavoidable for many of us and in order to make a living, many of us are constantly stuck in the offices for long hours daily rushing reports or fulfilling work targets.

Did you know that working long hours can cause health problems if you do not take sufficient rest?

Here are some common problems that office workers suffer from and how you can avoid or relief them.

This is one of most common ailments that an office worker can suffer from. Headaches suffered by office workers are usually triggered by stress faced when working, or in some cases, due to poor posture when sitting in front of their desks.

In order to relieve headaches, it is recommended that you take regular breaks while doing work. Exercise is also a good way for you to relieve stress and attending yoga classes or going for massages are methods that are said to be effective for stress relief.

It is also important that you maintain a proper posture when doing work so as to avoid any bodily strains that many cause you to have headaches.

Back Pain
Ever suffered from pains around the back? This is probably because of the sedentary nature of work that you are doing.

Sitting for long hours at your desks means that you may slouch with you noticing and this will lead to you putting unnecessary pressure on your body which causes pains in the back and around the hips.

To prevent yourself from suffering back or hip aches, it is advisable for you to move around whenever possible, this means taking short breaks or do simple stretches near your work desk.

Eye Strain
One common complaint from office workers is that their eyes are dry and there is a painful sensation that may cause headaches.

This is caused by staring at computer screens for long hours while doing work and in order to not suffer from eye strain, you should ensure proper lighting at your work desk and set the brightness for your computer screen to suit the brightness levels for your work desk.

By doing so, you are letting your eyes get a break from the constant near work that it is doing and allowing it time to rest.

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When work sometimes gets too much for you to handle, you may forget or ignore the need to hydrate yourself or take meal breaks.

This is bad for your health as our bodies require sufficient amounts of food and water to function properly and ignoring this bodily need will lead to problems such as headaches, difficulty in focusing and fatigue.

Therefore, you should remind yourself to drink water regularly while doing work and go for meals when it is time to do so.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 
This is a disease suffered by many office workers who report a pain near their hands and wrists. The cause of this has been attributed to doing repeated motions for long hours.

In serious cases, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can cause you to feel numbing and itching sensations around your wrist and the reason for this is because of a nerve near your forearm that is compressed by swollen ligaments and bones in the wrist.

In order to avoid Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, you should do stretches to relieve any tension built up in the wrist area.

Leg Pain
This is a problem most commonly affecting office ladies who may wear heels or other shoes in order to look good.

Wearing uncomfortable footwear will cause you to suffer from pains in your legs which force you to sit down in order to relief the pain around your legs. This, in turn, will lead to problems that are associated with sitting for long hours such as back pain and neck aches.

Ladies, it is recommended that you ditch those heels which may look good when you wear them and wear something much more comfortable and practical instead to avoid hurting yourself.

Weight Gain
A common sight for office workers is that they often choose fast food as a quick way to get their meals and eating fast food frequently will lead to health problems such as obesity and high blood pressure.

In order to avoid gaining too many inches around your waist, you should take proper meal breaks by eating wholesome meals and get your well-deserved rest.

Due to your hectic work nature, you may forgo proper meals and not having enough water intake. This is bad for health as the lack of substances such as fibre and water from your diet can lead you to have constipation. What you can do to avoid this is to eat proper meals when you have the chance to do so and constantly remind yourself to drink water while working.

Gastric pains
This scenario may be familiar to you; you skip meals due to having to rush deadlines and as a result, you suffer from gastric pains due to irregular meal times.

To avoid this uncomfortable situation, you should remind yourself that taking your meals are equally important as meeting deadlines and that time should be set aside just to take meals too

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