9 S’pore Restaurants In 2018 With Free-flow Sides At Reasonable Prices (e.g Hifumi Restaurant)

Last Updated on 2020-02-17 , 1:38 pm

I already know what you guys are going to say. I know, I know. If we want free-flow stuff, why not just go to a buffet, right? After all, the selection will definitely be better and you can pig-out all you want without worrying too much about people judging you there. Well, you’re definitely right about that, but the buffet will most definitely also rip a hole in your wallet. So what are some wallet-friendly restaurants? Most of you would know Hifumi restaurant is a popular one, so let’s start with that!

1) Hifumi

If you ever need a reason to visit Marina Square, look no further than Hifumi, a Japanese restaurant with unlimited servings of sides (or appetizers, depending on how you see them)!

Here, have a look at some of the options available on their March appetizers menu!

Image: Hifumi Singapore

Now, I don’t know about you guys, but just the Nabe and braised pork already have my attention!

Basically, how it works is simple: you buy a main course (which can range between $15 to $20), and you would be entitled to its “appetizer” buffet: I quote the word “appetizer” because they didn’t look one bit like an appetizer, but a main course by itself.

Our suggestion? Just order the cheapest main course and go for the buffet. One of my colleagues actually didn’t even touch the main course at all, but please lah, don’t do that because your friends are going to quote some “people in other countries are starving” thingy.

Rating: 5/5 (It’s really so good, everyone here has tried it before at least once)

Goody Suggestion: Check out the appetizer buffet on Hifumi restaurant’s Facebook Page before making your way there as they change it every month. If possible, don’t go after 9pm as there might no longer be any buffet by then.

Address: Marina Square #02-106A
Opening hours: Monday to Friday 11:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. & 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., Saturday and Sunday 11:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

2) Astons Steak & Salad

Astons is my go-to place when I need to get my western food fix. I mean, what else could be better than having a tender beef steak and a cold glass of drink for dinner, right—

Image: kumory.blogspot.com

Lo and behold.

Free. Flow. Sides.

Image: astons.com.sg

Despite being called the supreme salad buffet, it’s waaay more than just vegetables! To find out more about the buffet, why not take a look at our article here? To me, this just seems like the perfect chance for me to stuff my face full of their onion rings!

But of course, don’t gong gong think it’s for all outlets: these “special” outlets are called Astons Steak & Salad, and with free-flow comes relatively more expensive main dishes (at least comparing it to the usual Astons outlets).

But Astons leh. We’ll pay $1 million just for unlimited onion rings (is it just me?).

Rating: 3.5/5 (primarily because the prices just don’t make sense to us)

Goody Suggestion: While it seems very “wuhua”, it actually isn’t, given that a Chargrilled Chicken is now at $22.90 compared to the usual $10.90 (with two sides) in their usual outlets. But the draw is obviously the unique salad you can’t find anywhere – so if I were you, I would just try it once, not for the food, but for the experience.

Address: Centrepoint (#03-28/28A) and Marina Square (#03-145/146)
Opening Hours: 11:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

3) JustAcia

I believe JustAcia needs no introduction. They’ve been providing starving students with cheap and affordable food since—well, since I was a student.

For the uninitiated, JustAcia serves Asian(duh) cuisine, so be prepared to see dishes like Korean Spicy Kimchi Beancurd Udon, Tom Yam Kai with fluffy Thai Rice and  Chicken Teriyaki!

And most importantly, if we were to refer to their website, it says:

“All set meals include, FREE FLOW of Coffees (Cappuccino, Café Latte, Café Mocha with Chocolate Ice Cream, etc), Soft Drinks (Root Beer Float, Pepsi Float Iced Peach Tea, etc) and 6 flavours of ice-cream including the all favourite Tropical Mango Ice-cream. With prices like these, you will not want to miss them!”

With set meals as cheap as $6.30, I’m certain the free-flow sides are definitely a steal! And did I mention that there’s no service charge? (so you’ll have pay for it  at the counter first, but the food will be served to you)

As for the food, it’s often piping hot and very…normal, I would say. The draw here is never about the taste but the free-flow sides – not sure why it’s not mentioned in their website, but they do have free-flow frozen yogurt, too.

Rating: 3.5/5 (only draw: price)

Goody Suggestion: Go for the fusion foods like the Creamy Tom Yam Chicken Spaghetti Set. You can’t find this anywhere.

Locations & Opening Hours: Click here.

4) Yayoi

Alright, quit your whining. I know that the free-flow “sides” for Yayoi is just for their Japanese rice but hey— you gotta agree that their rice’s pretty darn good!

Image: yayoi.sg

The last time I went to Yayoi, I had five bowls of rice just to sate my cravings (叔叔有练过的, don’t try this at…anywhere). But for those of you who are a 饭桶 like me, there’s no better place for you!

Rating: 4.5/5 (For the rice, of course)

Goody Suggestion: Don’t go apeshit over the rice. There are many good items in the menu as well, so our suggestion is go with an extremely empty stomach and have your breakfast, lunch and dinner all in one meal.

Locations & Opening Hours: Click here

5) Ramen Keisuke

Whenever my friends and I talk about Ramen stalls in Singapore, Ramen Keisuke will definitely be mentioned by at least one of us.

For reasons unknown (probably the broth), we’ve grown attached to Ramen Keisuke, making it our first choice for a bowl of piping hot Ramen.

Image: ramen_keisuke Instagram

Oh and, they also offer “complimentary hard-boiled eggs and bean sprout”. In other words, feel free to go crazy with the eggs and bean sprout!

I once had a bowl of Ramen with 3 eggs and two bowls of bean sprout (once again, 叔叔有练过的).

Best. Decision. Ever.

Rating: 4.5/5

Goody Suggestion: Go for the eggs. Bean sprouts aren’t the best, but the eggs are perfect.

Locations & Opening Hours: Click here

6) Kim’s Family Food

I’m not big on Korean food (or anything Korean), but I must say I’m impressed with Kim’s Family Food.

I’m not familiar with how Korean restaurants work, so I was really surprised when close to 20 bowls of Ban Chan were presented before my eyes.

Image: Kim’s Family Korean Restaurant Facebook

And yes, these are free-flow! So you could imagine the look on my face when I was told that I could eat all I want!

And may I add that the Kimchi and fishcakes were absolutely delightful? You would definitely go back for seconds!

Rating: 4/5 (If you’ve watched too much Running Man and have always wanted to down the sides like them)

Goody Suggestion: Go for the usual ones like Kimchis or fishcakes. Our Singapore taste buds and stomach might not be BFF with the other sides, unless you’re like my colleague who’s a Singaporean but thinks that she’s a Korean.

Locations & Opening Hours: Click here.

7) Morton’s Bar

As with all bars, happy hour’s the time when customers enjoy themselves while the kitchen staff suffers in silence.

…Okay, that was a little depressing. Perhaps a drink at Morton’s bar during the happy hour could cheer you up?

Image: mortons.com

Oh and, let’s not forget the star of the show here—the sides! During the happy hour, there will also be free flow Filet Mignon steak sandwiches!

Image: mortons.com

A drink in one hand with a tender and juicy filet sandwich in the other— simply perfect.

However, do grab them fast as they tend to run out pretty quickly!

Rating: 4.5/5 (sandwiches for free? Sign me up!)

Goody Suggestion: Grab them early even if you’re not hungry yet – once it’s out of stock, then GG le.

Address: Mandarin Oriental Singapore, Fourth Storey
Opening hours: Monday – Saturday 5pm – 11pm, Sunday 12pm – 9pm

8) Teppanyaki Hamburg Nihonbashi Keisuke Bettei

If there’s one thing I like about this place, it’s how there are only two dishes on the menu aside from the drinks.

And no, I’m not even kidding.

Image: hamburg-keisuke.sg

So how does a shop survive with only two dishes on its menu?

The answer is, as expected, the side dishes.

Image: hamburg-keisuke.sg

With a seemingly endless array of salads and noodle dishes (20 items spread of osozai), you can be sure that your Hamburg Steak Set is anything but monotonous!

Oh yes, did I mention that they have free-flow eggs too? And It’s not just hard-boiled eggs! You can also request for your eggs to be made in 6 different ways!

Rating: 5/5 (Hey, you can’t beat free-flow eggs!)

Goody Suggestion: Just go try it out if you haven’t. And remember to go with an empty stomach!

Location: 72 Peck Seah Street Singapore 079329
Opening Hours: 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. & 5:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

9) Ramen Champion Singapore

It would appear that Japanese restaurants these days are really about buffets and free-flow sides! Ramen Champion is now offering free salad bar with any order of Ramen lunch set!

Image: Ramen Champion Singapore

For approximately $20, you can enjoy a delicious bowl of Ramen and sides like Gyoza and a cup of green tea! And that’s not including the salad bar yet!

With more than 20 side dishes to choose from, you are definitely spoilt for choice!

Rating: 3.5/5 (the only draw is the prices)

Goody Suggestion: Now, don’t confuse the free-flow stuff: it’s the salad bar and not the Gyozas. So if you’re a carnivore, think twice!

Locations & Opening Hours: Click here

Well, and that’s about all the restaurants I’ll be talking about this time around!

With such stiff competition going on amongst the restaurants at the moment, let’s keep our eyes peeled and pay attention to the upcoming offers!

Overall Goody Suggestion: If there’s only one restaurant you can go, we would suggest the Hifumi restaurant. It has everything you need: Good food, reasonable price and a large array of choices.