A Loving S’porean Granddaughter Plans Another Wedding for Her Grandparents in Sentosa


Every other day we see a successful proposal surprise plastered on our Instagram feed, with the same old cliché caption – “She said yes!” or “He finally asked, and I said yes!”

Yeah, okay we get it, but stuff like this is probably not something the majority of us, people who are forever alone, will ever relate to.

On 7 September 2019, a loving Singaporean granddaughter took such lovey-dovey
surprises up a notch, and went to great lengths to plan a very successful ‘wedding’ surprise
for her grandparents.

This elaborate surprise saw Wang Shulin, 80, and Zhao Shumei, 74, walking down the aisle together again, hand-in-hand, on their 54th wedding anniversary, in front of 20 friends and relatives.

Image: China Press

This time, with their children, and grandchildren as witnesses as well, aww.

“My parents are very low-profile, rarely celebrating their anniversaries. The last time they
celebrated their anniversary was 4 years ago,” shared the couple’s daughter, Wang Liting,
who is also an official member of the Legislative Council.

Knowing the couple would reject the idea of an elaborate celebration, their 23-year-old granddaughter, Lin Ni, went ahead to plan a special surprise for them.

Lin Ni masked the surprise as a shopping trip to Sentosa, and eventually led the couple to
the Sky Garden, where they were greeted with friends and relatives, with a beautifully
decorated set-up.

We’re not sure how that feels, but we’re guessing it must have felt like you’re walking straight into a TV drama scene at that moment.

Image: Giphy

To give the elaborate surprise its magical finishing touch, Lin Ni even prepared a wedding gown and suit for her grandparents to change into.

The end result? Being able to witness her grandparents walk down the aisle and exchange
their wedding vows again. We’re sure this is a significant moment the couple will remember
for a long time. Kudos to Lin Ni for pulling such a lovely stunt on her grandparents, we’re
sure this is a celebration that will stay etched in their minds.

Tale As Old As Time

The couple got married on 6 September 1965, and have stayed true to their vows and by
each other’s side for the past 54 years. They are now proud parents and grandparents of 3
children, and 4 grandchildren. We’ve got to say they’ve come a long way and we’re so
touched by their tale of true love.

For those of us feeling all warm and fuzzy in our hearts, maybe it’s time to plan more
meaningful surprises like these!

Although this will contribute to the cheesy love stories on Instagram that’s just going to remind all of us who are forever alone, that while people are renewing their wedding vows, we’re still single AF.

Also, can we take this moment to remind you that according to Channel News Asia (CNA), a total of 7,344 marriages in Singapore ended in a divorce or an annulment last year



Not many of us would be so lucky to have a long everlasting love like this main couple!