A Girl Lists Down 5 Reasons Why Girls Friendzone Guys

Last Updated on 2022-11-07 , 4:01 pm

Welcome to the 21st century, where shit gets weirder and weirder. Heard of the familiar stereotypes like “good guys”, “nice guys” and “bad boys”?  Pft, those are totally overrated – and ‘ya know why?

That’s because EVERY single individual, be it male or female, is different.

With that said, let’s start out on a fresh, clean slate as to why some ladies may be treating you as a friend when you’re actually out for more.

And remember, this ain’t no comprehensive list you’re dealing with. Each and everyone’s situation is different.

#1 You haven’t been actively showing your interest, and thus she’s a little confused.

And when I say “actively showing your interest”, I don’t mean grabbing her bum or doing loud wolf-whistles every time she walks by. It works in some scenarios, but eh don’t try it if you’re not ghetto.

The friendzone can unfortunately be a situation where both parties are too hesitant to approach each other, which ultimately ends up in a scenario where friendship is the only option.

Men, make your interest be known. Ask her out, and be clear that it’s a date – no wiffly-waffly“oh, I might take some other friends along” or some shit like that. If she’s not interested, she’ll clearly turn you down – but at the very least there won’t be any confusing issues later.

#2 You don’t feel confident, and so you remain silent.

Oh, this everlasting dilemma that plagues mankind! Male and female are both worried of wrecking the friendship, thus both remain silent FOREVER and NOTHING ever happens. Men, if you’re not sure what her intentions are towards you, then take some time to get to know her better before taking the leap.

However, don’t go away without contacting her for one month – ladies will interpret it as disinterest and move on. While it’s hard to pick out whether a lady is flirting or just being nice, I trust that you’ll know how to follow your gut instincts. Flash a smile and ask her whether she’d want to see a movie or something.

#3 You shy away from everything – but this isn’t necessarily bad.

As someone who used to have problems talking and communicating with people, I feel for you if you’re a shy, introverted person who doesn’t really like the idea of partying, going out and skydiving from 20,000 feet high. But that’s okay, it doesn’t mean you’re going to get friendzoned forever.

On the contrary, play to your other strengths – flash out the most charming smile you have and play the mysterious card if you have to, or exude your interest in something you know she likes. Show her that appearances deceive and that you’re more than capable of making her interested. Back away, however, and she will most likely choose not to pursue.

#4 You’re doing things that demonstrate that you only want to be friends.

If you start telling her about all your ex-girlfriends and the sort of ideal girl you would want as a life partner, what she would think is this: he’s confiding in me about his relationship issues, and therefore he sees me as a…*takes deep breath* bro.

This goes for ladies, too, so ladies out there – take note. Don’t just blah all your relationship issues out to him, even if you think it’s a good way to garner attention – because it probably isn’t.

#5 And most obviously, because she really isn’t interested.

This wouldn’t be your fault. It just wasn’t meant to be. Maybe she already had an idea of the sort of man she wanted, and it just wasn’t you. But like I said, that’s okay! Plenty of other fishes in the ocean – now all you need are your confidence and sexiness as bait!

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