A Guide to Finding a Parking Lot in a Full Car Park That S’poreans Didn’t Know Of

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Here’s a first world problem that some of us face often: finding a parking lot in a car park that’s full.

How a car park system works completely confuses me: sometimes, they allow cars to enter even when it’s full, sometimes it doesn’t, and sometimes, it indicates that the car park isn’t full but all the lots are taken.

In other words, when you see that there’s only a single digit number of lots left, you know you’re going to be late.

Well, not so. If you know this hack.

Here’s how it works: firstly, you must be able to enter the car park. If you’ve gone around the area once and couldn’t find any lot, don’t gong gong go another round, and another round, and another round.

Not only would you be wasting precious petrol, you might just miss a lot (i.e. someone just drove off from an area you’ve just past by).

Instead, drive over to any of the exits that people would walk out from. Wait near there—I guarantee you that if it’s such a crowded place, one person would exit within minutes from the exit.

Now, stay in your car and look at where the person is going. Once he’s out of your sight, drove towards his direction and make sure he’s within visual range again.

Just “follow” him…until he’s reached his car.

90% of the time, he’ll be driving off. Once he’s in the car, just move forward to a spot whereby he can drive out, and you can park in. Simple as well.

And if he’s just there to pick up something from the car, go back to the first step.

Of course, things might not go as well as you think: there might be another car waiting near the person who is leaving. If so, just drive back to the exit and wait again, while laughing at the car that could have been waiting for thirty minutes.

Now, isn’t that simple? It works most of the times—and all you need is five minutes, or even less.

You’re welcome.

Featured Image: Phuong D. Nguyen / Shutterstock.com

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