A McDonald’s Outlet in JB is Giving Free Sundae As Long As You Smile

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Throughout the years, photographers have been coming up with many different ways to get people to smile.




But let’s just say that a group of non-photographers might have come across a way to make people smile.

For real.

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Legendary McDonald’s Outlet in Johor Bahru

According to legends, there exists a legendary McDonald’s outlet in JB about 11-minute drive from the checkpoint.

At this particular outlet, they give you a free sundae if you smile.

That’s right.


And you get a sundae without paying a single cent.

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Here’s What You Need To Do

From now until 18 May, go to any of the four participating outlets:

We’ve often waited for tomorrow for a meal with our family. But what if tomorrow never comes? Watch this and you'll understand:

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Or for Singaporeans, the one at Johor’s your only choice:

Use their smile machine to snap your best-est smile

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Image: hotlink.com.my

Then grab the receipt to redeem the ice cream (with any McDonald’s purchase).

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Simple, right?

So if you’re dropping by JB over the next few weekends and you’re craving for something cold and sweet without having to pay a single cent, you might want to drop by this McDonald’s outlet.

Will It Come To S’pore?

Now, if you’re a true-blue Singaporean, you’re probably praying fervently that McDonald’s Singapore will bring the awesome promo in to Singapore.

The question is: will they?

Probably not.

From what we can deduce from the promotion, it seems like McDonald’s Malaysia is doing this in a tie-up collaboration between themselves & Malaysian telco Hotlink.

The rest of the promotion reads

Image: hotlink.com.my

To upgrade and get a better deal, flash the MyMaxis / Hotlink RED Apps.

In Other Words

The only way this promotion will exist in Singapore is if a huge company with something to market (like an app) decides to partner up with McDonald’s Singapore.

Either that or McDonald’s Singapore decides their app needs more downloads.

Source: Tenor

So…maybe…Circles.Life? After all, marketing techniques like these seem right up their alley.

As for Goody Feed’s marketing, we don’t have the moolah to carry out an extensive advertisement for our Goody Feed app like that.

So all we can do is to write about other people’s advertisement and leave our own as an endnote.

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