A Study Finds That S’pore Has One Of The Lowest Amount of Annual Leave

We’ve always said that Singaporeans are working themselves to death.

Now, while we’re mostly joking around when we say it, a new study has found that it might be truer than we think.

Annual Leave

Every year, a full-time employee requires certain benefits including, but not limited to, annual leave, bonuses, sick leave and more.

And when you sign your employment letter, the two things you’d normally pay attention to is the number of days of annual leave you have and your salary.

If you’d like to know more about annual leave, we’ve done a video just for you:

Watched-ed-ed? Okay, moving on.

Typically, it’s 14 days for fresh grads. And the minimum is 7 days, which unfortunately, is pretty common here.

But what if I tell you that a study has found out that it’s not really enough?  And that it’s so low, it might just shorten your lifespan.

Spotahome New Study Ranks S’pore As 22nd Healthiest City In 89 Cities

A new study from Spotahome, an online home rental company, ranked Singapore as the 22nd healthiest city in 89 cities.

Image: Screengrab from spotahome.com

Several factors were cited in the study, including work-life balance, number of days of annual leave and life expectancy.

Image: Screengrab from spotahome.com

Now, while 22nd might be a pretty good place to be at, the researchers behind the study also mentioned a few key things.

Singapore is Ranked Last For Number of Vacation Leave

It was found that when it comes to life expectancy, Singapore is ranked second highest. We lost to Tokyo.

And it’s all because of the number of annual leave we have per year.

Of course, the researchers admitted that they took Singapore’s annual leave to be 7 days, which is the minimum number required by law.

And they know that it’s not representative of the situation in Singapore.

However, it was added that even with the 7 to 14 days annual leave, it’s still considered low.

Which is why the researchers deemed that it could have a negative impact on overall life expectancy.

Hence, working to death. Literally.

By the way, if you want to know what’s Singapore’s life expectancy, it’s 85.20 years. Tokyo? 85.30. Yup, we’re that close.

Kuala Lumpur: Top City With Least Amount Of Fast Food Chains

Even though we missed out on the top spot, our neighbour, Kuala Lumpur managed to get a spot for themselves.

It was found that the city in Malaysia has the lowest ratio of fast food outlets to citizens.


Singapore, on the other hand, scored super high for this particular category. Not surprising given the incoming fast food chains that are driving Singaporeans crazy.

How You Can Break The News To Your Boss

It can be pretty awkward trying to ask for stuff from your boss. And because we’re your BFF, we’ve thought of a way for you liao.

Here’s how it goes:

So..uh, boss. I hope you’re reading this because the company culture is keeping employees happy, right?

You might want to increase the number of annual leave we get because…well…if not, it’s a safety hazard. Scientist says one.


But if you’re worried about productivity, don’t worry. Got another study says less working days actually increases productivity

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