A New Study Shows That 33% Of Women Went on Dates Just for Free Food

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This article is for all the friendzone brothers out there: if you’ve once gone for a date and paid for a meal, or many meals, and eventually see the girl of your dream holding another guy’s hand, don’t worry: you’re not alone.

In fact, you’re just one of three.

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Because a new study has shown that 33% of women have admitted to going out for a date just for a free meal, though most of them think that it’s unacceptable.

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Foodie Call

Have you heard of the term “foodie call”?

Neither did I until I come across this study.

Apparently, it’s a practice whereby a lady (usually) agrees to a meal date with a guy but solely for the purpose of having a free meal.

In fact, it even has an entry in the Urban Dictionary with two extremely depressing examples:

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Guys, now you know what girls have reacted when you ask for that dinner date #justsaying

Study By Azusa Pacific University and UC Merced

So, researchers from Azusa Pacific University and UC Merced called up 357 heterosexual women and asked them a series of questions not just about foodie calls but other questions as well, like how they view traditional gender roles and whatnot.

And the results are rather surprising.

A whopping 33% of them have admitted to going out for at least one date solely just for the free food. And we’re talking about at least one foodie call leh: that means there could have been more “friendzoned” victims!

Here’s something more interesting: it turns out that if the woman belongs to the “dark triad”, she’s more likely to go for foodie calls.

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What is “dark triad”, you ask. I’ve read through everything and let me summarise it in the easiest manner: think of someone who’s an influencer or influencer-wannabe. Yeah, they’re usually in the dark triad.

Which kind of makes sense.

But there’s more.

Women More Prone to Foodie Calls If They’re “Traditional”

Here’s a disclaimer before I got thrown with rotten eggs: for the ladies, being traditional means they’re likely to stay home to be a housewife and “stay” in the kitchen. In modern Singapore, obviously we don’t subscribe to that beliefs.

But…but when a woman believes in that role, she’s also more likely to engage in a foodie call. Don’t ask me why.

Not Just Ladies But Any Gender and Sexual Orientation As Well

The researchers made it a point to indicate that foodie calls can happen in all types of relationships and to all genders, so it’s not just heterosexual women who go out on a date for a free meal.

Anyways, at least now, all the friendzone bros know that they’re not alone.