A Study Shows That 33% Of Women Went on Dates Just for Free Food

This article is for all the friendzone brothers out there: if you’ve once gone for a date and paid for a meal, or many meals, and eventually see the girl of your dream holding another guy’s hand, don’t worry: you’re not alone.

In fact, you’re just one of three.

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Because a new study has shown that 33% of women have admitted to going out for a date just for a free meal, though most of them think that it’s unacceptable.

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Foodie Call

Have you heard of the term “foodie call”?

Neither did I until I come across this study.

Apparently, it’s a practice whereby a lady (usually) agrees to a meal date with a guy but solely for the purpose of having a free meal.

In fact, it even has an entry in the Urban Dictionary with two extremely depressing examples:

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Guys, now you know what girls have reacted when you ask for that dinner date #justsaying

Study By Azusa Pacific University and UC Merced

So, researchers from Azusa Pacific University and UC Merced called up 357 heterosexual women and asked them a series of questions not just about foodie calls but other questions as well, like how they view traditional gender roles and whatnot.

And the results are rather surprising.

A whopping 33% of them have admitted to going out for at least one date solely just for the free food. And we’re talking about at least one foodie call leh: that means there could have been more “friendzoned” victims!

Here’s something more interesting: it turns out that if the woman belongs to the “dark triad”, she’s more likely to go for foodie calls.

What is “dark triad”, you ask. I’ve read through everything and let me summarise it in the easiest manner: think of someone who’s an influencer or influencer-wannabe. Yeah, they’re usually in the dark triad.

Which kind of makes sense.

But there’s more.

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Women More Prone to Foodie Calls If They’re “Traditional”

Here’s a disclaimer before I got thrown with rotten eggs: for the ladies, being traditional means they’re likely to stay home to be a housewife and “stay” in the kitchen. In modern Singapore, obviously we don’t subscribe to that beliefs.

But…but when a woman believes in that role, she’s also more likely to engage in a foodie call. Don’t ask me why.

Not Just Ladies But Any Gender and Sexual Orientation As Well

The researchers made it a point to indicate that foodie calls can happen in all types of relationships and to all genders, so it’s not just heterosexual women who go out on a date for a free meal.

Anyways, at least now, all the friendzone bros know that they’re not alone.

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