A Proven & Perfect Way to Up Your Confidence That Works Wonders

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If you’re someone who has no confidence in almost everything, here’s one trick to up your confidence which works wonders.

The very first thought you need to have is to suspend all judgement and just do it. After trying it a few times, I can assure you that you’ll see a difference.

On a weekend, dress down (like, really dress all the way down, to T-shirt and slippers) and go to any luxury shop, be it a shop selling extremely expensive clothes or jewelleries. When you’re in the shop, go through the items and honestly think of what you want to buy (it will be best if you already have the thought of buying something).

Depending on the situation, the sales assistants might or might not serve you, but they most likely will. Go through the items that you’re interested in and try some of them on. The whole idea is that you must go in with the mindset of wanting to buy something.

Don’t just try one item—try a few pieces, because hey, if you’re going to buy a $500 shirt, I’m sure you’ll be much more selective, right?

After doing so, just leave the store without buying anything.

You might face some judgement during the process, from the sales assistant not attending to you to the sales assistant wondering whether you have the money to buy anything. The key thing to do is to remain cool and ignore everything—just heck care all the judging eyes. Remember, just go with the flow.

Do it a few times (by going to several stores), and after a while, you might just be the confident person you’ve always envisioned yourself to be.

The logic behind this is simple: if you pretend to be a confident person (going into a shop without buying anything), doing what a confident person would do (ignoring everyone’s judgement), you’ll eventually have the confidence.

This is known as the Be-Do-Have Paradigm, a lifehack that can essentially get you to achieve any goals you’ve set.

Image: International Coach Academy
Image: International Coach Academy

Now, go out and be that confident person!

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