A Simple Way to Cut Nails Without Them Flying All Over the Room


Last Updated on 2021-02-04 , 5:18 pm

We’ve all had that experience, right? There you are, sitting on the floor with a sheet of old newspaper spread in front of you. You hold your breath, in-out-hold in the middle, take aim and press down.

Clip goes the nail clipper…and your finger nail fly off into some dark corner of the room, away from your carefully prepared newspaper. Then you’ll probably have to get to your feet and amble over to pick it up.

The problem with cutting our finger nails and having these same nails flying all over the room has existed for a very long time, since the invention of nail clippers, I’ll hazard.

We’ve tried everything, from wrapping our hands in newspapers to cutting our finger nails with our hands in a plastic bag or waste paper bin, but these solutions can be a tad bit uncomfortable, right?

What if I were to tell you that there’s a simple hack that you can use to cut your finger nails fuss free, and most importantly, getting them to stop flying around the room?

Well, if you’re still interested, the solution is actually pretty simple.

Tape up the side of your nail clippers.

The nail clippings fly away from the side of your nail clipper, and by closing up all avenues of escape, this naturally solves the problem of having nail clippers flying all around the room.

Now you don’t have to inch your way through cutting your finger nails or toe nails, yet keep a clean room as well.

Sounds absolutely beautiful, doesn’t it?


There are nail clippers out there on the commercial market with side guards to prevent clippings from flying out, but why spend so much more on something that can be D.I.Y-ed so easily and cheaply?

All you need to do is to have some scotch tape on hand and a nail clipper. As a bonus, the tape can also be used to make cleaning the nail clipper after use so much easier as well.

On an additional note, do keep in mind that nail clippers must be changed once in a while because the edges of the blade will dull, and using it is like using a blunt knife on a carrot, you smash the carrot apart instead of cutting it which isn’t good for your nails.

Featured Image: JIANG HONGYAN / Shutterstock.com