A Simple Trick to Determine if There Are Any Cockroaches Hiding in a Room

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Cockroaches are notorious for being persistent little buggers, and it’s been said that they can survive even a nuclear blast.

Once they’ve taken root in your room, it’s pretty hard to get rid of them, not when there are plenty of little nooks and crannies for them to hide.

If you were to ever see a cockroach running around your room in the day, chances are, you have a pretty nasty roach infestation going on in your room.

These little critters are nocturnal creatures and incredibly good at hiding their presence, so when you see a live one scurrying around, chances are there are plenty more of them that are scurrying around beneath your notice.

There are plenty of signs that can tell you whether cockroaches has taken up residence with you, such as black droppings less than 1mm wide, egg shells, or even the unpleasant, musty smell they emit.

Here’s a simple trick you can use to tell if there are any roaches in your room, even before these signs show up – cockroach traps.

Yes, I know this sounds like Captain Obvious, but with cockroaches trap, it’ll lure the cockroaches out when it’s dark, poison them and leave their corpses lying around.

If you didn’t see any cockroach corpses, good for you: your room is free of those little monsters.

You can also choose to get cockroach traps from stores which lures cockroaches in and trap them with an adhesive tape, or build your own trap using a soda bottle.

D.I.Y Soda Bottle Trap

Image: wikihow.com

Cut off the top and invert it. Tape the sides together and pour a bit of water and soap into the bottle. Cockroaches will be lured to drop into the water and drown.

Of course, that settle it for the trap, but you’d have to know where to place it as well.

Now, this will apply to cockroach traps as well.

We’ve often waited for tomorrow for a meal with our family. But what if tomorrow never comes? Watch this and you'll understand:

Search for all crevices in your room, and place the trap near the ones that you suspect of being infested with cockroaches, and if you find dead cockroaches in the trap the next day, congratulations, you have cockroaches living with you.

Now, before you go, heng ah, I managed to kill them liao, note that the traps don’t affect the nest and/or eggs, and the cockroaches killed might not even be the entire population of the cockroach staying in your room.

We’d advised you to get professional pest killers to kill them all off, then seal off all the crevices and practice good housekeeping to keep them from coming back.

So, try this out and let us know if you have roommates that you previously didn’t know of.

Or simply always have a few cockroach traps in your house. Trust me, they do work like magic.