A Study Just Showed That S’pore Workers Are the Unhappiest Workers in SEA

Just how happy are you with your current job? I bet most of us are not entirely happy if not we are completely unhappy.

Singapore is known to be one of the most expensive countries to live in which is not surprising considering our daily expenses are relatively high. So how do we fare in terms of happiness index and job optimism in the Asian countries?

The data collected from a survey done by online jobs portal JobStreet.com on seven Asian nations in June this year showed interesting results.

From locals who responded in the survey, there was a pattern shown on the relationship of the position held and the happiness index – the higher your position, the lower your happiness index would be. It was shown that fresh graduates were the happiest among the Singapore workforce. They scored a 5.3 on a 10-point scale. On the other hand, the C-suites, or also known as directors/CEOs, scored the lowest – a miserable 4.4.

Among the 7 Asian nations who participated in the survey, Singapore scored a 5.09 on of the 10-point scale for Job Happiness Index, which was the lowest score in the region. The highest was the Philippines that scored a 6.25.

So naturally if you’re unhappy, you tend to be pessimistic as well. Which is why it’s not surprising when the same survey’s result shows that Singapore is ranked the last for job optimism in South East Asia with a 4.93 on a 10-point scale. The most optimistic country was Vietnam with a 6.30.

So why are Singaporeans so unhappy and pessimistic and how are we able to change it?

Singaporean respondents from the survey felt that getting a new job (30 percent), a higher salary (19 percent), or receiving recognition from the company (9 percent) would help increase their job happiness.

To increase job optimism, JobStreet recommends employers to “address the factors causing employee dissatisfaction”.

Of cause not all requests from employees can be fulfilled, but the very least that could be done is to keep employees updated on the company’s directions, issues and strategies so that employees have a good idea on how the company is doing.

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