A Study Showed That How Much A Person Can Earn Doesn’t Depend on Education Qualifications

Last Updated on 2022-01-15 , 11:52 am

What if I tell you that the secret to be wealthy isn’t having a degree, or striking 4D? What if I tell you that what you need to be successful and earn more is merely doing this secret ten minutes a day, and looking at this every hour or so?

If this sounds like a get-rich-quick scam, well, I admit that it does sound like one, but the fact is that I’m not selling anything, but basing this on a study that hopefully will help you in the long term.

And the secret is as simple as this: Spend ten minutes every morning writing down your goals, and looking at it every hour. The goals written must be SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound.

A good example would be this: “I earn a monthly income of $10,000 on 1 December 2016.”

In as early as 1979 (yes, that means this “secret” isn’t something new but has worked for over thirty years!), a study was done on a group of Harvard University graduates.

In the next ten years, 3% of the graduates earned ten times more than the other 97% of the graduates combined together. So, let’s say if the total amount the 3% earned was $100 million—the other 97% income in total was only $10 million dollars. In other words, they could well be earning thousands of times more.

So, with the same qualifications, why is it that one small group earn so much more? The difference is this: the 3% had clear, written goals and made plans to achieve them. The other 97% either had no goals or had not written them down on paper (to be precise, 84% had no goals and 13% had goals but did not write them down).

While this seems ridiculous, all you need to do is to read one self-help book, or attend a self-help course, to see that all of them recommend the same thing: to be successful, you merely need to write down your goals, and be obsessed with them.

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Maybe you think you won’t achieve them, but the whole idea is to condition yourself to believe in it, and trust me, belief is strong. Napoleon Hill in his bestseller book Think and Grow Rich, a book published in 1937 and is still selling like hot cakes now, called it auto-suggestion: I’ll call it a miracle that has always worked.

If it doesn’t, you just have not done the goal-setting every morning. So try it. You might not believe it, but history has proven again and again that it works.

To know more about goal-setting, watch this entertaining video to the end:

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